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Favorites and Reviews integrated in analytics


We would like to suggest the following ideas:

  • to integrate the favorites feature in the analytics: to be able to see the evolution per month and cumulative of the number of favorites. It would help to determine the gig trends
  • to integrate the number of reviews in the analytics: same as above

Hope it helps


High Impacts


I respect your right to make suggestions but these have nothing to do with analytics, which concern your sales figures. This is not unique to fiverr but a commonly used set of metrics to analyze sales performance.

A sellers favorites level and reviews have zero to do with analyzing sales performance over time.


The basic thing which effect your sale and ranking is the delivery time and the % of order completed…

Just focus on the quality work. Deliver your best. Believe me to make awesome revenue on fiverr we don’t needed bundle of orders. if you have one satisfied client. Then it can change your story…That’s it

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