Favorites but no orders?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering why someone would favorite my gig without first ordering? Is that normal? I opened up my first gig over two weeks ago and so far have had two people favorite my gig but no one order. To me it seems that someone would only favorite a gig after they order and are satisfied. Thanks!


And then there are those that may want to keep track of the competition.


I favorite lots of gigs that I think I’ll want to order later. I buy gigs from my Fiverr revenue so if I’m waiting for funds to clear, I’m not going to order yet. I imagine that this is not uncommon. It’s like bookmarking an e-commerce site you might order from later. You might not need that dog food today, but when you need it in 2 weeks you may want to remember a site that had the best price!


its normale i agreed with @fonthaunt


Reply to @fonthaunt: Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile:


I believe it’s normal.

I’m a buyer and a seller and I have multiple folders/categories of favourites. I favourite gigs that may help with my business and others that may help with anything else. I prefer this over using browser bookmarks and find it useful as I may not need the gig right away but want to remember it for future usage.