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I did business with less good and very good sellers… i want to save there names… it would really help if can make a favorite list and catechize them + give them notes in my list… why en what they are good at!


After having added a favorite, how does one delete one later on? I couldn’t find an easy way to do this!!


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, I have not deliberately created any collections (whatever the default is there, is there) + I am not in any gigs. I simply favorited a Fiverr so I could contact them later… I am attaching a screenshot…… Perplexed as to why a simple task such as deleting a favorite (that I added) is so difficult!!


Just in case anyone is still trying to figure this one out - hover your mouse over the heart on the favorite you want to delete. When the heart turns white inside with the red border then refresh the page. The favorite should now be deleted.


This is the result of what happens when logical left brain oriented people ( better known as nerds ) are responsible for creating websites… These people tend to make everything difficult by using symbols or having you jump through a thousand hoops like a psychotic poodle at the circus just to get a simple task done. Everything on the net is like this. Those kind of people ( like the ones on the Scorpion TV Show ) love following lots and lots of steps just to do something that the rest of us intuitively know should be simple and straight forward. It’s too bad that everything you do with a computer ends up being a pull your hair out experience.


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