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Favourite Band of All Time - Music


So I was thinking, Music really has done a lot for this world. Looking around on Fiverr there are some really great musicians on there that are offering some great services. I know Guitaro is pretty handy with like every instrument there is and some other rappers I have seen seem pretty cool.

This post is dedicated to some of the greatest music legends there are and there were.

My favourite of all time I would have to say is…


@oranjewebdesign, For me, it’s Kiss. I have seen them in concert for the last 20 years.

By the way, I also have a band and am selling my album on Fiverr. >:)


Reply to @madmoo: Ah: Dark Side Of The Moon. Love that album too.

On my Fiverr page, there is also a video with some samples as well as a quick video of my band.


If you know who these two ladies are you get the prize for the day

Start Your Family Tree w/ Me!


@hotwebideashotwebideas Kiss Haha, I know them for their appearances on Family guy with santa


These guys are good on Fiverr


I like a lot of videogame/anime sound tracks xD;


I would have to vote for the Beatles. They always put a smile on my face. :slight_smile:


Yeah the Beatles always makes me smile too. It’s good when you need to be lifted and listen to something that you know wont disappoint you.

I liked Bon Jovi a lot but I’ll be honest my tastes have changed a lot as I have got older!


Reply to @madmoo: Nah those two ladies are HEART


Cool to see a fan of a perfect circle. And both Maynard and Twiggy are on two other awesome bands(Tool and Manson).

My favorite all time is probably Megadeth though.


Have you heard of Ashes Divide? Give that a listen!


I really don’t have such a band…I listen to almost anykind of song that I find the tune interesting… :smiley:


LPark and PinkF


Lpark good cool Arjun I am just about to listen to them now!!


And of course Tom Petty is another classic.


Led Zeppelin and Kiss.


Reply to @oranjegirl: Yes, Love Tom Petty and my band performs a lot of his songs.


I just got out the old Fugees CD! Lauren Hill is quality!


Roxette and Modern Talking. Not band - Dj Bobo and George Michael :)>-

Regards with :smiley: