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Favourite Seasonal Sweet Treat 🍯


We didn’t have a forum foodie thread in ages. What’s your current favourite seasonal sweet treat?
Doesn’t matter if it’s not winter where you are, but it needs to be something that’s not available all year round but only seasonally, and it must be sweet, some kind of confectionary, candy, cake, sweet drink, …

Mine is Nürnberger Lebkuchen, Nuremberg gingerbread.
This is a bit of a cheat because it’s available year-round in Nuremberg, though :wink: but not elsewhere, so it counts :stuck_out_tongue:. Where I live, it’s something for November - December, the months leading up to Christmas (many shops sadly start to stock it as early as September but I only buy it from December on).

There are variations, but mostly, they are round and available in natural, with chocolate, or with sugar icing, with almonds or without, … I love them because of the spices used (ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pimento, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, anise, pepper) and prefer the natural variety because the taste of the spices is more intense.

What are you nibbling on currently, or would, if you could?


Coffee shops here make a mocha peppermint winter coffee that I love! I like pumpkin pie which is seasonal, though pecan pie is yummier to me! Some people only make pecan pie in the holidays and some do it year round, so it counts!



delicious :stuck_out_tongue: … can you please ship it to me


I like pumpkin anything too, never had pecan pie, that’s not a thing here, but I like pecan nuts. And it definitely counts, that’s the spirit of the thread!

That winter coffee looks and sounds great! I bought food grade peppermint oil once to put into coffee and water but it needs to be dosed extremely carefully :eyes: . Probably peppermint sirup or liquor is less dangerous. :sweat_smile:


My favorite is chimney cake. We had them all year round for a short while, but the shops closed, and now we only have them during the holiday season.


I love hot chocolate, chocolate lava cake etc, but for this thread I’ll let my
Japanese side take over…if it’s cold outside and you want a sweet and hot treat,
it would be this. We call it “oshiruko”, you can add dango or mochi.
I prefer mochi.

OK, now I’m getting hungry…


I see a couple of things I’ve never heard of before here. I would love to get a chance to try them. For me it’s hot chocolate in the evenings.midnight%20mint%20hot%20chocolate

This sumptuous and creamy, boozy blend is made with dark chocolate, double cream and a touch of mint liqueur.


I’ve worked as a concierge for a condo the last 6 years and this one tenant makes the best thumbprint cookies i ever had. Her and her family usually give me a $100 Christmas bonus but the cookies are the star of the show.!



Oh Mila, you took the words right out of my mouth :no_mouth:

Nürnberger Lebkuchen (gingerbread of Nuremberg) is my fav. too! :dizzy_face: That and some wonderful Glühwein (mulled wine) to go along with it… I couldn’t ask for more :heart_eyes_cat:


Oh right, Glühwein can count as a sweet treat too!

Mhm, chimney cake is good too, we have the same thing, I think, but call it tree cake, because it kind of has “year” rings like trees from the way it’s made. I love to watch how they make it on the Christmas market.

The Japanese treat looks delicious too, that’s azuki in there, right? I love azuki anything, mochi too.

Hot chocolate with mint liqueur sounds like a good idea…

I know the thumbprint cookies, but they are called … not quite sure what, but something else definitely, here, I think maybe bull’s seye cookies :thinking:… oh well, googling serves me several different names, probably a regional thing. One of them is “Spitzbubenkekse”, scoundrel cookies, though, so there’s a link to the thumbprints. :smile:


My favourite is everything :slight_smile:


Panetonne for sure.

I gonna start making it this week and the orders start slowing down.
A perfect time.


Hm this thread is so yummy I might end up editing my own response to copy-paste Arty’s. :wink:


i should report about you guys … why you upload here yummy food. i wish if i can test it … but cant :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:


But you can take revenge and post something delicious that we maybe can’t test! What do you think is the best sweet in winter or summer where you live?


here is some delicious cake in my country in winter. .



I love Rosgolla :heart:


Mission revenge completed. :wink:

The sweets in the last two posts look delicious and I’ve never had them.


My roots are Scandinavian, and my mom and grandmother made all of these at Christmas. So good!
I do not know how she found the time with 6 kids but she did.







The panettone brand common here in the States is not nearly as good as I imagine it could be. Sad.