FB Posting gig - too many posts


A recent gig said they would post to more than 1 million FB users. This turned out to be true however they were posting other new post at a rate of 1 new post every minute to each group. So consequently my post rapidly disappeared beyond a reasonable page scrolling distance to those following the groups, making it almost worthless. Is it reasonable to expect a refund or alternative approach?


When you buy things like this, you are starting out with something dishonest to begin with. Or maybe dishonest is not the right word, but you are starting out with a way of advertising that facebook does not approve of. Simply posting something is no guarantee of anyone seeing it who will be interested in it to the point of buying it.

This is a waste of your time and money if you are trying to make sales. Even if the posts had stayed it wouldn’t have worked. You need to reach those who are really interested.