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Fear of Account Restriction/ Cancelation or Ban

I would like to share my situations about fiverr activity and the fear of account restriction or cancelation respect of it.

Currently, I am running my fiverr account in 4 different devices including mobile phone apps and those devices are running under broadband and mobile network. Here is the details,

  1. My laptop (main work done here) > Use shared broardband internet
  2. My office > Use shared broadband internet
  3. My Home PC > Use mobile Internet (modem)
  4. My Android Phone > Use mobile Internet

My fear is, as I am using one fiverr account in multiple devices over multiple network, Is there any risk of cancelation or restriction of my fiverr account?

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No. I use my account on many devices. The problem is having more than 1 account which would be against the ToS. 1 account is fine on multiple devices and networks.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, I have 2 questions more.

1> My brother also work on Fiverr using my home PC. So, in my home PC, my brother is working on Fiverr and sometimes on weekend I use my brother’s PC to do some sort of small revision on Fiverr work. So, two Fiverr accounts from 2 different people are being accessed from 1 PC, is it out of Fiverr TOS? And

2> As TOR browser use proxy server, Is it ok to use TOR browser to access Fiverr account?

Best Regards

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I use my account from my home pc, Laptop. Office computer and mobile and its not a big problem.

Multiple users on one IP can definitely get you in trouble if you don’t clear it with Fiverr. Proxy servers can look suspicious as well. For those issues you need to contact Customer Support, tell them what accounts need access on your network and make sure they know that it is another person. (The other person MUST also have their own payment method.)

As far as the proxy issue, I wouldn’t really recommend using TOR browser with Fiverr. I would use a standard browser. Chrome is supposed to be optimized for Fiverr, although I use Firefox without an issue. If you choose to use a non-standard browser you might want to ask CS about it, but it’s theoretically risky.

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Now it is starting to look a bit suspicious. Why would you use your brother’s PC? I don’t want an answer, but just saying, it starts to sound suspicious, then we get to TOR browser whatever that is.

I’m sure that you know these two things are red flags. Yes you are at risk in my opinion.

Just accessing your account from various places is not a problem but then you add in these two things later---- I’m suspicious.

Thanks for your valuable reply.

I would like to say something. I don’t carry my laptop if I go to my home because It’s a long journey and it happen occasionally. For, TOR issue, I must clear something. I use TOR only in office because my office doesn’t allow internet access and I use TOR only when I need to access Fiverr at office.

I would like to know if anyone use a device or PC where a fiverr account run previous time but Now want to run new account with different Ip by same device or PC. It will creat any problem with this two account?

I also want to know fiverr account banne depend on IP or Device?


If you “play clean” you won´t have to worry. But if you have 27 “brothers” using the same PC, then you may have some problems. (also if the brothers would be sisters - exactely the same)

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