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Fear of wrong PayPal account

I have yet to be able to withdraw my money to PayPal. But I have a fear. Let me explain.

I have an old PayPal account that I cannot access. The mail address of that old PayPal account is the same I’m using to login in Fiverr. I also have a new PayPal account that I want to use to withdraw my money.

When the day comes and the PayPal button is active, will the money automatically go to my old PayPal account or will the page prompt me to write another email? Thanks.

I don’t think, that Fiverr will withdraw your money automatically. As the button become active, it will require a push for the withdraw. I think you should no worry about this.

Just set the correct email in the paypal section of your profile and as long as you don’t push that button, nobody will withdraw your money.

Of course, you should ask Fiverr support to be sure this is the way I say it is.

From personal experience it will ask for the email address of your paypal account - I have it associated with another email. I doubt they have changed that, so I wouldn’t worry =)