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😨 Just got the New Header but REALLY MISS an easy to find TO-DO LiST?

I’m always in the To-Do list, so my solution was basic, but it works! You can add a link to your taskbar, your browser bar or just make this link your home page if you miss the easy-access To-Do List:


Sorry url you giv no work.

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It’s still easy. We need to click at dashboard.

Just a lazy alternative. :slight_smile:

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Probably because there is no one called “yourusername”


Aww, Am I too sleepy or it just happened?
I just clicked that link and it took me to my dashboard.

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It actually does! If you are logged in it will bring you to your personal to-do list page!!

:bulb: Joe

Yes, me as well!

:bulb: Joe

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We should need to replace “yourusername” with our own username, but without changing seems weird. But you never know, It’s coding we are talking about :wink:

That’s weird. I mean, um, I did that on purpose. Magic.


I was indeed surprised to find that it works.

I do like this new photo of yours, but what happened to our hat?:fearful: I see you’ve taken @blaisefaint’s advice of a smiling headshot.[/details]

I like the new menu is more stylish. But yeah it’s a bit harder to access the dashboard then beffore.

I think Fiverr’s UI designer is on drugs now.

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Well, in this photo I wasn’t in the sun, so we didn’t need our hat! We might need it again for a later photo. :wink: I’ve used a few different versions of my pic and this is just another iteration. I don’t know how long this one will last. I miss my horse in the old one, so I might have another companion in the next one!

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Y’know, you could just give this to one of the zillions of photo editors on Fiverr to throw in a Horse. Should be simple :triumph: That’s if you like the photo like I do, anyway.

Why can’t there be a separate link on the menu bar saying “dashboard” or “To-do”


This test will indeed be hidden and only Fiverr will be able to see it if they read this post :wink:

:bulb: Joe