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Feature Request: Ability Delete Messages in both


It really sucks that you can’t delete messages. Sometimes I want to rethink how I just sent messages as a buyer. We need some kind of “you can delete messages up till 3 min” or something. Once you add a message, ability to delete it within 3 min. Same on orders. It ends up being a ton of messages sometimes and sometimes I want to clear some of them up for the artist when I give input.


I agree! I would like to be able to delete messages as well for the same reason…to clarify a point or explain something more concisely. Did you send the suggestion to Fiverr?


I don’t think there’s a high chance for that, even if it’s just 3 minutes, the other part could have read the message already and start typing their reply, only to see the message they replied to was already deleted after they sent their own message, there’s a bit of lag sometimes as well between typing and messages showing up, they might see the message on their phone (where many people also experience message lag, some a lot) but not the follow-up “corrected” message where it often shows up later with some lag too, and so on.
If you often would like to rethink/reword, I’d suggest writing messages offline in Word or so, then you can look at them again and change them before pasting them into Fiverr chat and sending.

Of course you can still suggest the feature, and the reason I’m replying actually is - there’s a whole forum category dedicated to Site Suggestions, chances that your suggestion will be seen by staff should be higher there than here in Conversations. You can edit the category if you click the edit symbol in your topic title.