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Feature Request - Partial Refunds

More and more I’m experiencing buyers that are either paying too or have ordered the wrong item. I’d love to be able to offer them a partial refund. Currently I’m only able to ask for a mutual cancellation and then hope they re-order correctly the second time.


If they pay too much then simply do the job they ordered and don’t worry about it. I say this as a long time seller who experiences this all the time. Many buyers seem to not mind and feel it’s a way of compensating a seller fairly. This is what I’ve experienced although each seller can choose how they want to handle this.

And when they order the wrong item, I usually just give them the item they wanted or should have ordered, after consulting with them, rather than cancelling and asking them to reorder.

This is based on my experience although your category might work differently.

That would be a good feature to have if people used it responsibly and fairly.
But I fear many people would abuse it, ask for a partial refund for trifles, instead of for revisions, also even just so, to pay less, because they’d know many sellers would agree out of fear for their rates, reviews, cancellation.

If actual people would look into those cases to check if everything is in order, yes, but after two years of forum reading I have the feeling that the feature probably doesn’t exist because of the high potential for abuse.

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Would be nice, though it would open up a new can of worms: Buyers who want to squeeze something back.

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I made a post in these forums about 4 years ago regarding a partial refund. Every so often someone finds it and comments and it’s bumped to the top again. Don’t get your hopes up on them implementing this because if they check these forums they would have seen it and there must be a reason for not implementing it. Partial Refund - Request to Partial Refund from Seller

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