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Feature Request- "Rate Experience" - Permanent Button

I wish to have the " Rate Experience" button until the buyer gives the feedback.
Here is the screeshot
Currently, it disappears after 10 days.

Recently I bought a GIG that offers website building and 100% guaranteed adsense approval. Website building was completed in 24 hours and the GIG was delivered. But adsense approval time might take about 1 day to 30 days. In my case the service was not completeed even in 10 days after the delivery of the GIG.

“Rate Experienced” button gone after 10 days. Then the seller was not responding to my messages. Finally I got only partial service. I was not able to give the opinion as i was deceived.

So I would request the developers team to keep the “Rate Experience” button permanant until the buyer gives the feedback, so that the buyer can stay cool even after 30 or 60 days until the full service is completed. The seller would deliver the service without cheating because of the fear of getting negative review. I hope it make sense.

Thank you


Though they should only really deliver the gig when everything is done. If the gig offers “adsense” approval maybe they should really wait until it’s approved before pressing to “deliver”.


Then it should become the rule to post a GIG. The seller should not be allowed to deliver the GIG until the full service is completed as described.

that already applies , it’s against the tos to deliver incomplete work

That would be against the TOS because the deadline for each gig is maximum 29 days , completed work is one thing , revisions are another part of the order in case they are included. It’s definitely not ok to work 30-60 days on an order


Yes, I must agree with you but the seller is advertised as “100% adsense approval with blog setup in 6 days”. Here is the screenshot. .adsense|407x222

i’m not sure if these kind of service are allowed on Fiverr