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Feature Request - Report Buyer Requests


I think a feature to report buyer requests will be helpful. We would be able to report such buyers who are posting buyer requests which are spam or are violating Fiverr’s TOS.

Here is an example:

This guy is asking to communicate outside Fiverr (On email) and I don’t think Fiverr’s review team noticed this. This is just one example, I come across several buyer requests which are either from sellers who are promoting their gigs or from buyers who have no idea of Fiverr’s TOS.

Yep, bro. Also, I received some buyer requests like that. Also, I think Fiverr didn’t notice that. So, You can report that. I think nowadays Fiverr working hard for giving us a huge update. Sometime the update will help us long term. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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I hope so brother. Dunno if they are reviewing buyer requests at all or not?

Strange thing is: they didn’t even put their email address in there.

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