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Feature Request: Reporting Buyer Requests

Every once in a while I come across buyer requests that are not only against Fiverr ToS but downright criminal/illegal. Letting these requests replied to and worked on would only serve to tarnish Fiverr as a platform and may cause problems for it in the future that would not only affect the platform itself! but many hardworking freelancers who are dependant on it for a living. Fiverr must do something about it, and give us an option to report buyer requests.
As an example, I am attaching some buyer requests asking for a ransomware botnet.
Screenshot 2021-05-08 215755|690x126


I’ve never come across this problem before, but I would suggest opening a support ticket with CS and upload the screenshot you took. There is no report button on the Buyers Request page and the only way to get their Fiverr username is to submit an offer.


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I agree that you should contact Customer Support about this. That is a major ToS violation, and Fiverr itself could get in trouble for permitting a transaction of this kind. or


Some people have posted that their username can be seen via the Fiverr app.

Maybe someone can confirm whether or not that is the case.


yes, we as sellers can see the usernames of the buyer posting the request in the mobile app.


yes i am going to open a support ticket, thanks for the idea

Thank you, I will do this right now.