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Feature to flag or report questionable gigs [ARCHIVED]

I saw someone offering to make fake userfeedback (reviews and ratings) on And even vote down competitors products. I think fiverr should offer a way to report or at least flag such questionable offers. What do you think?

All you need to do is to report it to customer support. They take a dim view of this sort of thing

I think what mortencph is suggesting is a more automated process to expediate these gigs that fall into a moral grey area.

Writing out a report to Customer Support is time consuming, and the onus is on the seller to prove that the gig is fraudulent/questionable.

I want to know how to do a report for bad seller he didnt want to refund and he speak badly with me I have his comment

I think the problem with having an option to instantly flag or report a gig, is that then unscrupulous sellers could just go flag all of their competitor gigs, in the hopes that Fiverr might remove those competing gigs, and allow the reporters gigs to get more exposure. That, coupled with any number of other misuses of such a feature could easily bog down the whole instant reporting system with inappropriate flags, and turn the whole thing into a mess that wastes Fiverr’s time and resources.

If people have to go through the support ticket system to issue a report, that dramatically cuts down on the possibility of misuse, and makes reporting a serious or legitimate issue a lot more likely.

I see what @jonbaas in saying. My solution would be to go with moderation. Make a drop-down in the ticketing around that is specific to reporting a seller or reporting a gig for possible violations. It would still take enough time to be better than a one or two click flag. I think with the current system, though, no tickets have an option for something like a gig violation report or anything like that. If they do, I’d like to know where to find it.

fonthaunt said: My solution would be to go with moderation. Make a drop-down in the ticketing around that is specific to reporting a seller or reporting a gig for possible violations.

I asked Customer Support this feature so many times that I've lost the count... unfortunately it's not been implemented...

Reply to @mark74: No surprise there, sadly. In the meantime we can keep being squeaky wheels!

Not sure where else to post this, customer service does not bother to respond to any of my complaints in the past.

The Fiverr seller, konstantineuo, is selling a FAKE gig, see attached screenshot of whole conversation and their smart reply to me before I reported them for harassment.

Fiverr Seller: konstantineuo - ALSO USES OTHER FAKE ACCOUNTS TO GIVE PHONY 5 Star Ratings TO BOOST his gig sales.

SELLER: konstantineuo

See entire attached screenshot conversation.

If this should be in another section, feel free to delete or let me know where it SHOULD be placed within the forum.

Again, customer support NEVER responds and I feel like all buyers should be warned of this person so you don’t get ripped off by him.

I also wish there was a way to FLAG a suspicious gig without having to try to get a hold of customer support, who never answers.


@handgunbarbie you’re going to have remove that users name and info from your post; its against TOS.

Please register new freelancer website it’s similar like

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Its been so frustrating working with customer support on these problems. It’s totally needed though.

Fiverr Customer Support did implement a feature for this some time back. (These posts were before the feature was added.) Now you can submit a ticket through the help menu and choose “Trust and Safety” as the team to submit to.

You will see options under that for things like bad user behavior and questionable gigs. I have had very good luck using this feature. So far, the bad gigs I have submitted have been reviewed within a week or so and many have been removed by staff.

Now that I am re-visiting this thread, I’m glad this was finally added! :slight_smile:

I’ve suggested 2 weeks ago for add a new tool for prevent BAD GIG TITLE.
that is very simple.!!
Put some limitation on gig edit :

  1. Top rated seller limit edit their gigs 2 times in a day.
  2. Level 2 seller limit edit their gig 1 times in a day.
  3. Level 1 seller limit edit their gig 1 time in 48 hours.
  4. New seller limit edit their gig 1 time in a week.

This limitation will solve the issue of BAD GIG TITLE SPAMMING.

My 2 forum post is showing - “This Post Is Currently Under Review” from last 4 days. When will be active for view and reply!!.

this link is not working. please check

Little point - the user is no longer on Fiverr and hasn’t been on the forum for two and a half years. :wink:

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