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Feature to have a BUTTON to FORCE START an order



SO many buyers order my gig but wait sometimes 15 days to submit their information and it stalls my timer as well as when I go on vacation or suspend the gig, they STILL can submit their order, its really annoying to have someone "hold on to your order"

So… I petition, to have a “force start” button for those buyers who don’t want to send in the information, especially if you have a “policy” where they have to submit the information within 2 hours like I do.

So they are forced to act upon the button or cancel the order, because you can’t wait around for them to hold on to your order…

OR at least make it so they can’t submit their information and start the timer on the order if you are on vacation mode or the gig is suspended!




In fact! We should be able to set a timer for the “buyer” to countdown so they can submit their order! So as sellers, we setup the timer countdown to however time we want our buyer to have to submit the information…

Done and Done!