Featured badge in the gig


Some sellers here worked hard to get a gig featured in the past. So since now its no longer displayed on the gig thumbnail, maybe Fiverr can consider a “featured” badge inside the gig page?


I can see featured Gigs in my category


hmmm weird, i went to that category and don’t see featured gigs anywhere


Could you head over and check out “Banner Ads” to see there’re any featured gigs? Thanks in advance


Well, I am a level 1 seller… and one of my gigs is currently featured by “Fiverr Editorial Team.” but i am not to see any featured icon on my gig.

But i can my gig is marked as featured when i visit in my Gigs and then just expands the view. It will say… “Active” and “Featured”.

And there is one another way i can see my gig as featured… just logout and then simply head over to my profile. It will show my gig as featured

I don’t know why this is happening. But maybe someone other will be able to solve the query.


Yes, in Banner Ads there are no featured Gigs… that’s strange :confused:


I looked at several categories at random with my preferred browser and with fiverr’s preferred browser, but I can’t see any featured gigs anywhere.


Well, i am able to see “featured” gigs everywhere. :neutral_face:


Well weird indeed. Oh but anyway congrats on your featured gig! :slight_smile: Let’s hope most people can still see them.


Lol I just wanted to say sorry I take everything back, I just noticed a featured gig in banner ads but on closer look the ‘featured’ was a feature of the gig cover image itself :wink:


Homepage is the only place where i see featured gigs


Yes there is not featured GIG on fiver noways.