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I’ve been working in Logo Design category for over 2 years now and I’m constantly checking on gigs/improvement. There are a few gigs that are featured that just blew my mind. For example this gig:*********

1 review ONLY. The second presentation image are just some random screenshots.

How did this become featured? What do you think? There are more. There’s one featured gig that is only stealing copyrighted stuff and selling it too (I don’t want to name it, I don’t want to be that guy).

Enlighten me if you can guys, because I’m confused as hell.

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Not sure what criteria is currently followed, i have found 1 gig which is newly created with 0 reviews and its being featured.*********

Wow, it just makes no sense at all! I’m 100% sure that CS will not give any answers either.

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There is a post about this in Report a Bug entitled “I don’t believe what I saw.” Some interesting replies there.

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Another Fiverr user bothered that somebody else’s gig is featured.

Why not use your energy on your own gigs (which are doing great!) rather than bothering about somebody else’s?

Why bother CS with it as well?

Hope YOUR gigs keep doing so well - well done! :grinning:

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I didn’t bother anyone with it. I was just looking for opinions on it. Some work really hard to achieve that and never do and some just get selected out of pure luck or what ? It’s a system that we are all part of, why should some have special treatment ?

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Featured gigs are hand-picked; something about them or about the seller caught an editor’s attention.

The gig that you linked to is a specialist gig, as recommended recently by Fiverr; not the usual “I will do logo” or the overused “original logo” or “unique logo”, but clearly stating who is the target audience.

Another thing I notice about both gigs is that they’re created by native English speakers (real native English speakers) who are already running successful businesses outside of Fiverr.

Of course, I’m just guessing here; for all I know, it could be just a bug.

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You’re lucky and doing best :slight_smile: