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Featured for the first time!

I got one of my gigs featured yesterday, for the first time in 4 years on Fiverr! :relieved:


I’m very happy and I hope sales will go up, I will post update here in a few days, this is stats from yesterday:


That’s awesome, congrats! I was wondering how to get featured on Fiverr, did you do anything out of normal or does Fiverr choose who gets featured?


Thank you! Fiverr staff selects gigs to be featured. I guess you need to have perfect reviews, delivery times, decent number of orders on your gig to get promoted.

And no, I did nothing unusual these days, everything was as always - there was no more orders than usual etc.


That is awesome.

I have to make a point to look at featured gigs in the future.

Congratulations!! :hibiscus: :slight_smile::slight_smile:


This is really great. Congrats man


I think they featured quite a few Wordpress related gigs in the last 2 days. Mine got featured as well and I know 2 others who got their Wordpress gigs featured.

Impressions and clicks went up, but I also started getting spam messages from people who expect like 90% discount. So I’ll wait and see what kind of impact it has to actual sales.


Yeah, I think they are giving chances to those sellers who were unnoticed from many years even by maintain a good track record @uxreview @zerotech1 What do you think.(I also got featured)


Since we are all in the same category I think it was just our turn. They are probably going through gigs 1-2 categories at the time and this time it was Wordpress.

I first came here as a buyer 2 years ago and I started offering Wordpress related service about 6-7 months ago, so I don’t think they are looking past 6 months. I don’t have lot of reviews either so even though it probably is one of the factors, it’s probably not at the top of the list.

I think mine was picked due to high order value because even though I don’t make many sales it’s rare when I do a website under $350. So essential it’s more beneficial for them to get me more orders than pumping up someone with $5 gigs.

I don’t know if that’s there real reason, but if I had to give out like 10-15 Featured badges then that’s exactly what I would do. I would give these to sellers who provide high quality service AND have higher order value.


You are saying right this can also be factor :slight_smile: I also making websites ranges from 300 to 700 upto the requirements. My main gig got featured which I start at that time when no one was doing complete wordpress website development and I was one of the pioneer who started this, all were busy in fixing gigs ! 3.5 years ago . I have completed more than 820+ order on that gig with great average ! even before featured my that gig getting lots of traffic in slow days . Yes its our chance now ! :slight_smile:

Obviously they want sales and sales and sales :slight_smile: by keeping everything high quality .

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That’s awesome, congrats!


wow, a very warm congrats man.


Happy to hear. Congrats