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Featured Gig = 1 sale per week in August

No exaggeration. It’s like my gigs have been removed from search results. I’m not sure how a featured gig can get so little hits. Honestly in the past month it’s been more of a hassle than a reward. I get people asking questions, that I now must respond to thanks to the response rate meter, and once they get there answers they either find someone else or attempt work themselves.

Which of your gigs is being featured?

And did you not used to respond to questions? Or has there been an influx of messages per day this past month?

I am not featured, but it’s been terribly slow the last few weeks. Most days I don’t even get a lead. I’m not sure what is going on but thank goodness I don’t have to rely solely on Fiverr for income.

I agree that the past few days have been slow.

I have searched through the business plan category and was unable to find my gig as well… hmmmm. I have contacted support about this. :open_mouth:

I too have not been getting any sales, been a week and I only got two. I think fiverr is getting overcrowded with gigs. I think fiverr needs to start charging to make a new gig like say ten dollars. This would weed out fake gigs and people who aren’t serious about the gigs they upload to fiverr.

I’m going to be completely honest here.

I looked at your gig from a buyer’s perspective @vaughnonmovies

Sure, you’re a top rated seller and have numerous reviews, but so do A LOT of people. Especially in graphic design.

If I was searching for what you’re offering, I would probably go with someone else for these reasons:

  1. You work examples do not scream ‘takes pride in his work’ to me.
  2. Your profile is a list of things that you ‘think’ you are.
  3. Your work likes like a copy and paste/apply blending options and be done sort of gig.
  4. You haven’t replied to several of your last buyer reviews.
  5. The only reply you have lately was to a negative response which says to me … I care about my reputation but not about YOU.
  6. I see nothing about YOU in any of your descriptions or your profile. In fact you seem arrogant more than friendly.

I’m almost positive that a lot of these things aren’t true because you’re concerned enough to post this on forums.

Take a step back and look to how you’re perceived by your buyers. Chances are that if your buyer’s are finding someone else, you’re doing something wrong.

I understand you’re featured, but that doesn’t have to mean you’re great. It doesn’t even have to mean you’re doing something very well.

And please, take the negativity down from your gig description. No one likes the authoritative presence you’re displaying.

I think that somewhere between being a TRS and the decline of your orders, you lost sight of who you are really helping. You’re customers owe you nothing, so don’t expect them to.

Really nice analysis, thusie! This is the kind of stuff the forum should be for.

I signed up here about a week ago and haven’t made a sale yet.

Reply to @thusie: I love your honesty, can you do the same for me for my main gig?

Is there anything you would delete or add?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I think that your main gig has a lot of room for improvement. For example, when you buy on Fiverr, where’s the first place you go?

Everyone can read a headline and understand what it’s about. That’s why they scroll to the bottom, they check out the reviews first. If nothing stands out, they tend to move on.

In this area, I see that you reply with a standard ‘Thank You’ to the people who leave you 5 star reviews. You tend to share more when they drop half a star. It seems you also, put your reputation before your customer without even realizing that this is what they notice.

Why do they notice this? Well, put 10 of the same gigs in front of you all with the same video. If one of the video has a different background, I guarantee it will sell more.

When you only create the genuine interaction in the lesser reviews, it’s going to be all that the buyer remembers.

Take the time to REALLY appreciate those who enjoyed your work. It’s an interaction and you created something together. So act like it.

As far as your gig description and such goes, it could use some work in my opinion. That’s why I have a gig that offers that though :wink:

Good luck,


Reply to @thusie: Good points, it’s true I reply “thank you” or “You’re the best” when they tip me. Should I reply something more personal? Like: “Thanks, I had fun writing brand names for a gun store.” Sometimes I’ve done that to advertise my areas of expertise.

Reply to @sara1984: Thanks Sara! Maybe us writers are biased in thinking that all text should be valuable :). We can be hopeful though right?