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Featured Gig dropped in ranking after adding packages. Anyone else?

Last week we received great news… our gig got featured on the SEM page on Fiverr… Awesome! A great reward for us after delivering 100% positive feedback from almost 300 buyers, having a steady responsiveness rate and zero cancellations. Fiverr told us in the email to keep up the performance to assure a featured gig status as long as possible… so we went that extra mile.

But then something weird happened. As we got this awesome news, we thought it made most sense to set up the recently added package feature for this gig, in order to make the gig cleaner and easier. And then… we disappeared from the first row… and second… and third… we couldn’t find our gig any longer (we also went incognito without cookies to check twice)!

Very strange, but fair enough. Maybe it’s a bug… Who knows. So we wrote support and got pretty generic feedback, telling us that: a) adding packages should not affect your rating (such a coincidence then), b) it can fluctuate because you could have hundreds of competitors offering the same, who can have better reviews than you do, etc. (we don’t, only a few) and 3) we should take gig meta data in mind (we did, straight from the start).

So not a very satisfying answer to be honest. We pointed out that -without- the featured “label” all was awesome and we got an average of 2 to 3 a day… but since we are featured, nobody’s buying our gig - for probably the reason that we’re just invisible.

Support responded with the same kind of generic answer with advice we already were aware of and followed up just before.

Our question to you is: did anyone of you have a) experienced a drop in sales after adding packages or b)experienced a drop in sales right after getting your gig featured?

Thanks a lot for your replies in advance.

I’m so sorry for this! I can understand how that must feel. Hopefully someone will come along with the answer. I see one featured gig there with the packages so it maybe it was for something else.
Edit: I just looked again and your gig is back in the featured section so it looks like all is good now. Congratulations!

Ok - Support team passed it to Editorial Team and they’ve managed to fix it! In the end it did seem like some kind of a glitch… but thanks to those guys for fixing… :slight_smile:

I’m so happy to hear this!