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Featured Gigs, A Question

This is a question for the Fiverr team.

Which are the gigs that get “Featured” Title on them.

Are they the Gigs with:

Best Quality

Best Time (Fast delivery)

Best Service

Best Rates (Cheap)

Or Does fiverr just randomly makes gigs featured on the Homepage. and the forgets it even if its providing non of all above mentioned ?

This is the question that I have been wondering with , and when I see the “Featured gigs” on the homepage and there service I see is of no use at all.

Isnt it unfair for the Other users who work there best on there services and fiverr hardly notices them. And gives priority to the “Top Rated Sellers” even if there services are nothing like Top Rated ?

A Question that hopefully I will get a answer on


Reply to @kjblynx:

BE CREATIVE:Creativness is never always the way , Making testimonials is not creative , proof reading is not creative. but you still see them featured.

I have my competatos gigs featured , and if you look at the services that he offers are aweful . Less quality, more response time , and more money , and still featured , where is creativeness there ? (he creates icons just like I do, I cant have equal chances to win if he is featured and TRS for no good reason)

Good Presentation: I try my best there , and i no doubt better then many of the featured gigs

High res img and vid: The pictures I post are 1080x720

Good feed back: I have 99% Positive Feed back from over 500 customers.

I dont get it which point I am missing ?

Reply to @kjblynx: And also that article is from sep 2012 , this is Oct 2014 !

Reply to @kjblynx: hmm, I know they are hand picked , that’s the thing , if they are hand picked they should not be picking just random guys without even checking there services