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It really sucks to see somebody have the same gig as you and they are top rated seller with lots of orders AND be featured.

How the hell is the little guy ever meant to become a top rated seller if Fiverr constantly feature top rated sellers? It really winds me up it does.

And I don’t want to hear the usual “quality of service and reviews and time the gig was completed in” because apparently none of that means squat. I am a 100% rated seller at level 1 and make sure I go above and beyond, but then a top rated seller comes along, gets featured and sweeps up any chances we, the little guys have!

And as for “gigs that are unique only get featured” is another CS spin. How often do you see featured gigs that are not unique? The gig I am ranting about now is nothing special or unique!

Getting pretty fed up of it now tbh. Might look to move to seoclerks or somewhere instead.


hey Ang,

I appreciate your comments and would not turn my frustrations to the good people who use Fiverr. It is very frustrating seeing featured sellers have lots of orders, yet my deal is not better or worse than the gig I am referring to (shorter time taken to complete the gig, but less freebies included) - other than that its pretty much the same gig. But I have seen generic gigs get featured too (such as backlink gigs)…

I can appreciate current top sellers have worked hard to get that, but I just wish fiverr gave more weight to regular fiverr sellers who may not be at that level yet, but have been around a while and offer good value etc.

Just irks me seeing somebody with like 20 orders at any given time and I have 0.

I don’t see any point speaking to editorial staff, as my gig isn’t unique, and I’ll no doubt get the scripted response of “your gig isn’t unique enough” (which in fairness it isn’t, but neither are plenty of others that are featured. (You are not the only pessimist round here it now seems!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Blah just having one of those days and wanted to vent my frustration.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Thanks both Ange and OBG. Makes sense and I will now stop worrying about others and focus my efforts on only me. Thanks :slight_smile:


Agree! Spend your energy on positive stuff!


Funny enough I got 2 orders and a gig extra today! The fiverr gods heard me maybe? Nah, it was because I just posted a gig on Facebook! :smiley: Positive Mental Attitude ftw! Thanks guys, your positive attitudes are a great encouragement :slight_smile:


They are always listening!


I too agree With what he is in for…

what’s wrong with my gig of portrait art…

but i was not been featured by fiverr in home page but a gig with less ratings are in the home page…