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FEATURED gig's? How can a gig become featured?


Hello, again forum! I don’t know if this topic has been debated already, and if there are any similar topics kindly link them below. My question is: How can your gig receive the FEATURED badge?
For example, this is the link of my main gig: .
Do I have what it takes to get featured? And if I do, how should I proceed? The Editorial Team search manually for gigs and decide whether they feature them or not, or can I start a ticket to the Customer Support asking them to take a look over my gig? I really know it sounds like a silly question, but I’m curious how does this process work.



I had the same query, I asked Fiverr CS about it, this is the response I got :

Hi there,
Thanks for contacting us. Please see our article on Requesting More Exposure on Gigs. Unfortunately, individual requests to have your Gigs promoted is not in our Editorial focus and we no longer provide any exposure per request. Instead, I suggest visiting our Forum, where you can find many tips/advice about how to get more sales.
Good luck!


Ok, and what am I missing? I mean they didn’t tell you anything precise of how can you reach that feature, right?


Here’s the link Fiverr CS sent me :

What the article is basically saying is “Don’t tell us what to do. Do your job, let us do ours”.

Earlier it used to be that sellers could simply send a mail to Fiverr and ask if their gig is worth featuring and a good number of them even got featured that way. They have stopped that now.


What do they say in that article: ‘‘Individual requests through tickets provides an unfair competitive advantage over other sellers and compromises the integrity of our search results’’ but we didn’t ask them to promote or to offer us any advantages, we just ask them if someone from Editorial Team can check our account to see if we are eligible for this, I mean this is clearly a difference.



I agree, but considering the fact that they might be getting so many messages daily from people asking the same thing, they are making good use of the canned response :slight_smile:


I don’t want to sound rude or inappropriate but from my experience regarding Fiverr Customer Support, in 99% of the cases, they have used those predefined messages that are totally useless. I mean, I’m talking from my experience as a seller, I don’t deliver the exact same design to every single client because we are all unique with different requirements, and treating them the same is a sign of disrespect. Customer Support should improve hard because they have some serious issues “helping” people out.