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I am working here for 6 months. I put alot of efforts and in return I get response more then my expectations. This increase my moral and I started purchasing things to make more exclusive GIGs from my profile. I was hoping to get featured. But until now any of my gig did not get the attention of Fiverr team :frowning:

I want to know what is the criteria to get featured? Because I have seen many dimple gigs featured then why my hard work is not attracting the team of fiverr?

Here is my most favorite gig">

Please check my gigs and pleaseeeeeee feature one :frowning:



@voiceoverwork thanks for the response. It means any mod or admin does not visit the forum? Is there any way to directly communicate the admin?


Unfortunately the Forum users cannot help you get featured. You’ll need to campaign for that thru Fiverr Support.

The Fiverr Forum is a Users forum for Users to help Users and share information.

You communicate with Fiverr thru the Fiverr Customer Support links at the Top of every Forum page and at the Bottom of every Fiverr page.

It’s best to contact support.

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

thanks a lot for responding my query