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Featured pictures


How do I get my featured pictures to fit inside the box? If you have a look at my gigs you will know what I am talking about.


Upload at 1.5:1. I have to upload my videos at 900x600 to keep from looking squeezed.


What is 1.5:1 sorry very new at this?


Fiverr is built around an aspect ratio of width = 1.5 x height. If your pictures are wider than that, they get chopped or squeezed. Therefore, 900x600 works.


Is that so? I upload both videos and stills at 720p, 16:9 and nothing ever gets squeezed. Videos get black bars and the stills get cropped left/right.

I am not sure I understand the problem. You want this to not be cropped:


Then, yes. Best bet is to make the logo an image of 900x600.


yes I want those pictures not to be cropped.