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FEATURED REVIEWS! Love this feature please keep it! 😍

I absolutely adore this recent feature. I only have it on two of my four gigs for some reason. It’s brilliant. The first thing people see is rave reviews.


I don’t have feature review, but I have this


What the…? I am seeing that we have the option to basically not show our reviews if we turn them off in the case of someone who never shows delivery images?

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Brilliant lol.

Or may be it will be not avilable for all gigs.


My reviews aren’t even showing at all on a couple of my gigs! :scream:

edit: I looked at them again and the reviews are now back in place. Scary.

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If any scheduled maintance notice is pinned, never worry anything that appears unusual on the Fiverr site.


My reviews on my gigs are missing, then there again, then missing again. Thanks for reassuring me. It’s disconcerting to not have my reviews show up.

The featured reviews at the top of our gigs is the best thing fiverr has added in a long time. Definitely a great move.

AND MY SALES INCREASED on the two with that feature.


I have had it for a couple of weeks now and I also love it for the fact that first thing a potential buyer comes across is a review. Love it!


You just have it on your best gig like I do, they must be testing out the feature, and I’m hoping it’s permanent on all gigs.


There’s a whole new bunch of features I was not aware of. But yeah, I did get the featured reviews in one of my gigs and it’s indeed nice


Good to know about this feature

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One thing I loved most about it, is the heading “what people loved about this seller”. :blush:

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Really sucks that it’s not available for everyone along with the buyer option to select their delivery as a display on the seller profile, unfair really…

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I looked at a lot of gigs and see it is on those with a lot of reviews. I don’t know what number of reviews exactly you need but even those with around 50 reviews don’t seem to have it.

Yeah that’s true, reviews do help buyers choose the seller.

I wonder if this feature is still available or only for levelled sellers. I still don’t have it even with 233 reviews on my gig and 4.8* gig ratings :frowning:

I did see some sellers with no level who have it but they had at least 4.9 stars overall, along with lots of reviews. I’m not saying I know for sure if your star rating is a factor, just what I noticed with a quick glance at the first page of a section.

It might be strictly random. But I did not see any sellers who have it with no level and few reviews. And didn’t see any with less than 4.9 stars although my search was just a casual one and not thorough.

It might still be in the testing stage. If so they would set some parameters for it.

Seller Level 0

Got it.

4.9 Rating
58 Reviews on this Gig

Love it

add) The other Gig with a 4.9 Rating and over 90 Reviews don´t has this feature.

As I said I’m not expert on this and just did a quick look at one page. But it seems like it has to be a LOT of reviews. The ones I saw had over 200 at least if not more.

Sure. I just mentioned it for the statistic :slight_smile: