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Featured Sellers + General Complaints


Oh boy, another complaint from me (2 of them in fact!)

Firstly, there is a dude on the first page who is a ‘featured seller’…

He hasn’t had an order in 7 months. In fact, the last order he completed was cancelled for ‘late delivery’ and yet he is right there at the top of the Fiverr main page. This has annoyed me as I was told I did not meet the criteria for a featured seller (and yet somebody else did who completed 5 gigs in my category with a similar offer, go figure) so yeah. who is selecting these people?

I have not mentioned his name, but he appears on the front page offering a voice over service for characters such as Solid Snake and Jack Sparrow.

I am also going to use this as a rant against the customer service team. Seems they have a bit of an attitude recently 0_o. I had a problem with my gig where ‘gig extras’ were not being displayed on the order page. This meant I did not know who ordered the extras. I don’t check my email so I would not have seen there. The page just appeared just appeared normally (well, the price added up as if gig extras had been ordered but I assumed that it was a standard order as I did not see the gig extra highlighted (screenshot attached so you can see what I mean). I am now incredibly late getting a gig in. Customer support took 3 days to sort out the issue for me (happened on every page after they sorted it out once)


I said to them:

“Thanks! I hope he does not leave negative feedback for the late delivery now"

Their response:

:slight_smile: not much you can do about it if he does"

Seriously, not my fault it glitched 0_o I cancelled the order in the end as the customer ended up saying he would leave negative feedback for the late delivery and obviously I don’t want that :confused:


Wow, the same screenshot attached twice :s


Yikes! I had the same problem yesterday too with extras not showing up, and thankfully it was resolved. I can’t believe the attitude you received from customer service though! That was completely inappropriate. It is not your fault that the site glitched, so yes, if you received bad feedback from that they would have a responsibility to remove it.


Attaining higher levels and providing excellent customer service apparently does nothing for your presence in this Marketplace.

I have built up a devoted following and only make $$ on repeat business or my own marketing. When I contacted CS, they told me they can do nothing. But they do continue to get the 20% from my repeat business.

My experience with customer service is this -

If you complain … they remove you from ever getting seen in the search results. I have seen this happen twice.


I have mixed feelings about CS, because I’ve had mixed responses. On my third order ever, the buyer became belligerent and threatening, and they told me to “work it out with the buyer,” even after I sent screenshots of our conversations and proof that he was just trying to get work for free.

But I’ve also had good interactions with them, where they have corrected a glitch on my account promptly and actually apologized profusely for it.

I think we just have to accept that responses from CS are going to be uneven, because there is more than one person who answer them, with varying levels of sympathy for sellers or buyers, with varying levels of knowledge about the website’s policies. We’ve seen some CS people tell sellers who have to deal with that “reject” button because the buyer “didn’t like it” that they better just buck up and take it, even though fiverr’s own policy clearly states that personal preference is no basis for rejection and that negative reviews should be carefully considered. Others will offer great advice about how to handle a particular situation, and will be as helpful as they can be over the internet.

Basically, if one person in CS blows you off, close out that ticket and ask again…?


Reply to @alliemadison12: I’m still having the same issue today: extras have been ordered but they didn’t appeared in the order for many hours…

mark74 said:
Reply to @alliemadison12: I'm still having the same issue today: extras have been ordered but they didn't appeared in the order for many hours...

Seems to be sorted for me (did yesterday) but my friend does not have hers displayed. Drop CS a message. Somebody done something to my gig (they reset it or something), messed it up a little more, and then they tried again and the display reset.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Could you send me the exact link to the wording that says personal preference is NOT a reason for a negative review? Many people have cited that but are unable to provide written proof of it.


Hi Madmoo :slight_smile:

Yes, rejection I understand. But I don’t see where it talks about leaving negative reviews. A rejection/modification or asking to cancel the order is not a negative review. I still can’t find where it says that.


Dude. You have like… 5 negative reviews vs 1000+ positive reviews. One more isn’t gonna kill ya! You are awesome and your gig is great. Don’t stress – you’re doing better than a lot of people :slight_smile:


Reply to @cheezees: I thought that page talked about both negative reviews and rejections. Oh well. Sorry! A wrong assumption…


Reply to @emasonwrites: no prob. :slight_smile: Other people have said the same thing so I always wondered if it was a rule once and they changed it.


It doesn’t work with everyone, I’m sure, but a lot of what helps in this situation (customer service wise) is to show the same empathy you’re looking for from CS to your own client- the glitch isn’t their fault either and good customer service can go a long way


Reply to @kiffinyjean: Oh, yeah I know! But it is best to avoid negative reviews if it can be helped!

tonitails said:
It doesn't work with everyone, I'm sure, but a lot of what helps in this situation (customer service wise) is to show the same empathy you're looking for from CS to your own client- the glitch isn't their fault either and good customer service can go a long way

I know glitches aren't their fault :o I managed to miss around 3 orders because of this glitch. I offered to give bonus articles to make up for the delay to each and every one of them. One person said they would leave negative feedback regardless of the free articles so I cancelled it.


Reply to @ryangillam: Ryan, (I think) your gigs are underpriced. Given the great deal you offer, why are so many of your buyer so harsh with you? You seem to encounter real monsters. Yes, I only get your side of the story but good heavens! People are downright mean and unforgiving. :(. Free articles and still insistent upon negative feedback? Have these people never been given a break in their lives?