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I’m very curious as to what it takes to be featured on here.

I’ve been offering mastering services on here for about 2 years.
I have completed over close to 1500(!!) gigs and maintained a 5 star rating the entire time.

I’ve seen the same 4-5 guys in my category being featured over and over again while I haven’t.

I must say it’s a bit discouraging and demoralizing. I do my absolute best for every gig I deliver and really give people the best service/ quality they can possibly get in the industry.

It would be nice to see some recognition from the peeps who are running this site! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey bud. You’ve been kicking butt and it hasn’t gone noticed (from one fellow engineer to another). As far as being featured, it’s hand picked by Fiverr’s staff (which came a out of nowhere for me). You can always send a request to Customer Support to see if they can assist you. But I really wouldn’t worry about it with the way you’re going.

I’ve never been featured in spite of 3.5 years of 100% positive reviews and over 3000 orders. I’ve never really thought about it though.

That’s nice of you to say dude!

I’ve heard that it’s “hand picked”. I just don’t understand what they are looking for.
Why always feature the same handful of guys? :confused:

Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea. You can refer to the Levels to get a better understanding. It’s really at random (like what happened to me).

i have seen couple of Sellers in my country who are almost 3 years old and have loads of orders and Awesome Gigs too … I dont see them in Featured as well :slight_smile: So i guess its a top secret !

The same question comes to my mind…was thinking that do fiverr charge to present my gig as featured gig…Also what would be the benefits of gig being display as featured? is that a recommendation of fiverrr to that particular seller?

I’ve never seen a new “featured” (with the pink featured thing on it) since I started here 18 months ago - does it ever get updated?

I know the featured gigs on the homepage is constantly changing, but those “featured” gigs with the pink featured graphic that are at the top of recommended are always the same ones (in my catetgory anyway)

I suspect there won’t be many changes to the “featured” gigs any time soon, not until they roll out the “sponsored” listings and then I imagine “featured” will disappear.

anyone here , please let us know the secret of Featured !
it will help us to follow the rules

They’re hand-picked by Fiverr’s staff, as detailed in the earlier messages.