Features I'd like fiverr to add


I’d want fiverr to add the following features and I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t add them. (1) Online members. (2) chat features (3) fiverr members should be able to shop or buy gigs with their fiverr revenue direct from their fiverr account.This’ll reduce paypal expenses (4) add other payment systems apart from paypal like payza and LR


I thought you could buy gigs using the money you’ve made selling your own gigs, didn’t realise it had to go out to PayPal and then back in again? lol


Yup, unfortunately!


Ahh balls to that!


So basically anyone that says they can’t, doesn’t have any cleared funds in their Fiverr account?


^^^ true that. I however want the opposite lol, I want to pay via paypal if I can. I don’t know abt others but I dont like to see my reven


I think it’d be cool if you could withdraw money directly into your local bank account, but I can see this would be a bit of a nightmare to set up hence the PayPal option.

Not sure about things like Payza, those sorts of payment methods are normally associated with ‘questionable’ Internet activities in my opinion…