Features that Fiverr App must incorporate


There are some important features that Fiverr app must incorporate soon as they are important to some extend. For now Fiverr app is just became a source to remain online and inbox to buyers.

  • Whenever i want to apply for any buyer request using app…there is no option to select from all the gigs as we can do via laptops and only one or two gigs appear may be based on the keywords…

  • No automatic watermark at the deliveries on the app. Buyer can take the original from the app without marking the order as complete.

  • No help option to ask for customer support.

Let me know if all of you are having some other issues or i went somewhere wrong. These are the major issue i am having with the Fiverr app.

Updated Fiverr app

Loved your suggestions.

I need Point # 1 to be implemented ASAP

Moreover, we need Resolution center option in App too.


agreed but nobody cares about that
so we three are just concerned i guess


@untitledartwork We can just hope that the app will get updated soon as the forum with lots of new features…


I can not copy link from Fiverr app, or can not open the link on my browser… So face many problem…


yes…This is Exactly what I have been going through as well…


That’s an important one in my view.


i can see only one featrue right now
that is buy now!! LOL