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Features that I'm missing as a buyer

My workload has significantly increased during the last 2-3 months so I decided to put together a small team. Now, there are various places where you can find WP developers. There are Facebook groups, freelance platforms, forums etc. So I decided to start with freelance platforms Fiverr, UW and a few others that I can’t name here :slight_smile:

After 3 days of intensive vetting & interviews I have to admit Fiverr was the most difficult platform to work with as a buyer. I know it works great for some categories, but hiring developers for WP projects is a nightmare.

Keyword search is very limited
Fiverr shows you only the gigs that have the exact keywords in the gig title. What you write in your gig description doesn’t mean anything. WTH?

For example, if I’m looking for Divi specialist then you have to write the word Divi in your gig title. So talented developers who work on multiple themes have to create a separate gig for every theme, otherwise you won’t show up. Listing them in the description doesn’t help with search.

And god forbid if the buyer types in “Divi specialist”. You won’t show up at all because both keywords have to be in the gig title. “Divi expert” gives you better results, but let’s face it, most sellers here call themselves experts after watching a couple of YouTube videos.

On other platforms it’s enough to write the word Divi and I get all the developers who have mentioned the theme anywhere on their profile. It doesn’t have to be in the title.

Buyers request section is a joke
I know most of you will say that look for your own developer from the search. Well, this means I have to send my project details to 10-20 candidates and see if they are even available or can they do the job. For example, I sent my last job details to 8 people and 6 of them replied that they are either too busy or not qualified. Maybe my vetting process is not perfect, but I didn’t only waste my time, I also took time out of the sellers’ busy schedule by knocking on random doors.

It would be so much easier to post the job details and sellers who find that they have the time & skills will bid on it. I know BR was an afterthought for Fiverr and this is not their bread and butter, but if other sites can purely survive on bidding systems then why can’t Fiverr put some effort into it. There has to be a business case there.

UW is not perfect, but they have a pretty good system and even though it’s not perfect it definitely proves that you can filter the requests and remove ridiculous offers.

Limited portfolio
Only the PROs get the advanced portfolio while on other platforms you don’t have to be in the 1% to properly display your work. On other platforms sellers can upload their work and write a short summary what they did on the project, what were the requirements etc.

There’s no proper interview process
TOS says that you can use Skype if it’s needed for your service, but most sellers are still so afraid to use it that they decline interviews & weekly check-in calls.

If I want to hire someone for a project that lasts 2-3 months then I need to do a proper interview with the qualified candidates. One might argue that it’s redundant and time consuming, but I’m not talking about $5 gigs here. I’m talking about hiring a person for a couple of months or even more.

Sure, I can do a test job and I will do it anyway, but sending messages back & forth is just painful. As a seller I use Skype all the time for business discovery, screen sharing etc. I provide a service and talking to my clients is part of it, but not all sellers do that. It’s not because they don’t want to, they are just so afraid.

Even asking for CS doesn’t mean much because one agent says you can’t and the other says you can. If other platforms freely allow using Skype then why is Fiverr so paranoid of losing buyers?

There are no recurring payments
I have some clients who need monthly maintenance work. It’s a rather mundane work so I would like to outsource it. The whole point is to give it to someone else so I don’t have to worry about it.

Why in the world do I have to go through the full payment & approval process every time? And it’s not like I can hire someone for more than 30 days. Getting repeat customers and keeping them by reducing the effort should be Fiverr’s top priority.

PS. I found a platform where they have a really good pricing system :slight_smile:
All developers will bid on your project and the price will be the average. So basically the seller community will decide what your project is worth. They exclude the extremes of course.

Anyway, thanks for reading this rant. I know it won’t go far, but at least it helped me vent my frustration as a buyer :slight_smile:

WP developers - > Fiverr is a good place to get your feet wet, but it’s not made for bigger & long term projects. Make sure you don’t tie yourself to just one platform :wink:


I wish I knew where to get a really great ecommerce site made. It’s going to cost a lot. I have no idea how to do this.

Based on my experience I would say that one of the biggest mistakes business owners make is that they skip the market research and planning. In most cases website is only a fracture of the cost of running an eCommerce site.

If you’re not sure what your options are or how to get the most cost effective solution then you should first hire a consultant. A knowledgeable consultant will take the time to learn your business, find the right solutions and put together a detailed action plan.

Website shouldn’t be a cost, it should be an investment. For example, if you spend $2K on a small eCommerce site and it helps you generate $5K in 6-8 months then it’s not really expensive. It all comes down to ROI. It’s only a cost when you don’t have a detailed and well thought out plan to make the money back.

The main reason that I don’t do eCommerce sites is because these are much more expensive and I’d say most of the clients I’ve talked to on this platform haven’t done their homework. I’m not saying it’s the case with you, but if you’re out of ideas or you don’t know how to get started then set up a consultation with someone who has a proven track record in eCommerce world.


I’ve had self made websites in the past, plus a grasp of marketing, and know what I want. I don’t know who to hire or the way to be assured it’s going to be made like I want in a reasonable time.

I dislike the cookie cutter sites with a big picture in the top part above the fold and the little pictures and text that look the same as all the rest of the sites people end up with who pay someone to make them one. It’s like just another idiot got himself a website and can’t figure out why no one pays any attention to it. I can get a template too and put it online.

As long as the project brief is well documented, I doubt a decent developer will have any trouble building it.
I’d say in most cases the problems start with the project brief & budget.

When it comes to templates, the issue isn’t usually the design. It’s the low value content or the lack of content that makes people think that it’s a poor design.

For example, I can see why one might consider hero image at the top the page as a cookie cutter. You see it everywhere and in most cases it’s just a random stock photo with generic info on top of it.

I do use it rather often in my designs and I’ve had clients who get over 60% of all their conversions through that hero section because they know how to use that real estate.

If it doesn’t align with client’s brand or vision then that’s a different topic, but I’d say the problem is not the design, it works really well (especially with repeat visitors) if you know what to do with it.

Using a template doesn’t mean a low conversion. Most decent templates will do the job as long as the product/service is properly presented to the client.

I have plenty of clients that make over $5K/month using a website that was built on a simple template. The main downside of using a template is not the design. Pretty much all of them look good, but the problems start when you try to customize them and you simply don’t have the tools nor skills to do it. That’s what separates a good template from the rest.

So at the end of the day it comes down to budget.
If you have $10K then hire an agency who will build you a custom website per your requirements.
If you have $5K then look for a freelancer.
If you’re working with $1K then you have to cut some corners such as give up custom design and use a template.

These are just ballpark figures of course :slight_smile:
Once you do the business discovery, developer will send you a detailed proposal with exact cost.

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Depends on who you work with and what your features are, it can vary from $100 - 600/700 or even more. I work in this niche

Thanks a lot. The issue with gig searching was something I knew before. The rest, I never wanted to work as a buyer.

Learned some new issues today. Thank you