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February 2017 Slow Down


Sales are way down for me this month. January was amazing, I exceeded my goals, but suddenly, only a few orders in February. Are the other writers on the site experiencing a major slump too? I hope things pick up for March, otherwise I’m going to need to find some other source of income!


Same here also experiencing a slow down in sales this February hoping March would turn out much better. As for looking for other sources of income that’s a great idea as one can’t depend solely on fiverr as his/her only means of income. We hope for the best to come. :slight_smile:



I had a slow down earlier this month and then I had so many orders, I was working a ton just to keep up. I didn’t get any orders yesterday or today. Phew, finally I can have a day off.


I think it’s one of those things that can alternate quite rapidly from month to month. February has been fairly quite for myself, but in the last week I haven’t had a chance to peel myself away from my keyboard and as such has led to my quota for the month.

While I would much prefer it all being spread out equally for the month, that isn’t always the case. Here’s hoping that March is a little more on the spread out and even side of things for all on here!


then enjoy feb month as vacation :blush:


Yes, it has been good to have some extra time for my other projects. I did get two new orders today.


Yes, there was a major slowdown for me this month after a solid 6-7 months of high earning, but it was a nice break. It’s winter and I believe people are lacking in motivation. I suspect it will pick back up in the Spring :slight_smile:


Big slowdown here too. About half of what I usually expect. Although I was away for much of Feburary and wasn’t replying to messages as quickly. It’s extremely important to reply to buyers asap to follow through on the sale


I guess I am not alone in this. I have experienced an awful slowdown this past month. I am a top rated seller and do pretty well every month. January was unusually good for me, but February has been one of my worst months ever. I noticed that sales dropped right around the time Fiverr started placing gig ads at the beginning of the categories. I really do not like this practice at all. Has anyone noticed the slowdown correlating with the ads starting? Hope things pick up soon for all of us.


A fair bit slower for me from NEW customers, which definitely vary. Luckily I have built a fair number of regulars, so they were about on par, but overall my revenue was down as I lacked many new customers.


Please feel free to send all of your crumbs my way since you don’t like your CRUMBS :slight_smile:


It has been a slow month for me as well, I really hope it picks up this month.


That’s an interesting possibility, but ads haven’t rolled out in the video category and I’ve noticed a large decrease in new orders. I expected a surge in orders after Fiverr was in the news earlier this month, but it definitely slowed down.


Slow here, too. I usually get 10 to 16 orders a week, and this week… wait. Never mind. I have 9. It’s only Thursday. Still, 2 of the 9 I had to hunt down myself.



I decided to take a look at the site from the point of view of a buyer, so I headed to and didn’t log in. So far, so good. I typed “writer” into the search box. And then BAMMO! A pop-up ad filled the screen and said I must register. Can this be one of the issues? Of course I was able to X it and then do my search, but it’s common knowledge that 80% of users are turned off by pop-up ads and will immediately exit the site. Other than that, I didn’t see a whole lot of anything else that would discourage buyers.


I don’t think it’s a Fiverr-wide issue, I came to hunt the forum to see if anyone else was experiencing the opposite. For me, Feb and March have been hard to keep on top of, and I’ve found myself making my gig as unattractive to buyers as possible. Perhaps the news thing mentioned above?


Facing the same issue :confused::worried:


It’s March. Your time machine is calibrated wrong.

Everyone else: quit moaning about the freelance flux. The Easter Slowdown hasn’t arrived yet! Followed by the Summer Slowdown, the Halloween Slowdown, the December Slowdown, the Sunday Slowdown, the Tax Time Slowdown…

Quit it.


You shouldn’t have said that. Now we got this: Why Sales went down on March 2017