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February sales have been slow, anyone else experienced this?


December 2018 and January 2019 were awesome months, as orders continued to drop like rain drops…(pun intended)…lol…However, February seemed to fall short of it’s predecessors in the sheer number of orders. I would like to know if this is happening to everyone or if my village folk are after me again …lol


If you get the whole sales then what we will get ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Kidding.

It can cause your gig position got down that before.

You can understand why you are not getting sales … Analyse your gigs and find out the problem then fix it …


My December was bad and January was better but slow. February has been great. My experience seems to be the opposite of yours! Perhaps my village folk run amuck in different months than your village folk…


February is better than the past two months as fonthaunt mentioned.


Okay, this is funny lol.

Because in Nigeria, there’s this spiritual belief that village folks can hamper your progress for no reason.


December was awesome (best month of all 2018), in Jan I made a little over half of I what I did in Dec, in Feb as of today I made more than what I did in Jan.


From my side Jan was much better than Dec. But we have 8 more day to achieve our target keep it up :slight_smile:


I had a great December and January and February has been awful. I’ve made about less than 10% of what I did last month. Really frustrating. I have had almost no messages and I have submitted buyer requests to any that applied to me. Not sure what to do but my metrics are falling just because of lack of inquiries, not to mention sales. Grrr.


February’s been so busy for me I had to take 2 days off just to finish off and focus on what I had piled up. No complaints here. December was pretty slow.


Same thing for me, even my gigs are on the last pages with good ratings I’m almost not getting any inquiries and few sales, had some inquiries and orders around the 5th of february, that kept me busy till today but for the past 10 days it was absolutely nothing! september, october november and december were so great, january started to drop from the 21st til today…it was very frustrating month for me.


exactly same here from 21st jan. The mess has started no more inquiries no sales at all. People saying fiverr is running a test. But I think this is getting a permanent thing now. Any substitute ?


Bro, lol, February too bad for me sha


February has been the best month for me on Fiverr since I started freelancing last April. I’ve had to go OOO twice to catch up with orders. It’s important to remember with freelancing that everyone will have bad months, but those months will differ for everyone, and they could occur for one of a million reasons.


lol. You’re a TRS.
You shouldn’t have any complaints at all :joy::joy::joy:


You’d be surprised how fiverr’s ups and downs affect sellers of all levels. So I’ll reserve my complaints for the next time the wave hits me personally. This year February just doesn’t seem to be the time.


Right now at this moment my January and February are exactly the same. Same amount of orders and income, but a little less then December.

Fiverr for me is just money i use to add to my savings account, so every little bit helps. If i could make $150-$200 a month i’m happy.


I revised my gig description with reduced by prices and I got five orders…worked for me :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the input guys, I sincerely do appreciate *dancing


:grin: I think so too


February 2019 has been the busiest & happiest month for me! Received 10+ orders. Never happened this before! :grinning:


Same here, sales stopped 21st of January and only had a few since (I usually get 2 orders per day). Support told me this “regarding the position of your gig, please note that we’re currently running some tests on the search placement algorithm to best maximize the search results for all Gigs.” My impressions have gotten higher over the last week, but my conversion rate are around .40% which is quite low and my gig is getting placed on the last page of search results.