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Fed Up Already (12 hours)


Posted my first ‘gig’ last night. wake up to an email;

"The image you are using to represent your Gig has been flagged for copyright infringement. Please replace your Gig image, keeping in mind that all images must be your original work and made in the same standard and quality as the results you will be providing to your customers. Using a stock image, a random photo from the Internet or an image that you bought from a different seller, may mislead buyers. This can lead to negative reviews and cancellations from buyers"

The painting is MINE. I am an artist. I have been selling online since 2000. I sell on other sites. I cannot infringe MY OWN copyright. How can I sell an image if they won’t allow me to post the image? Replace the image with WHAT? How can I sell the print if I can’t show people what they are getting? I was going to use this site to sell digital images of my work, but obviously won’t bother if I am going to get this hassle every time.

Is all this extra work and hassle worth it for 5 bucks I wonder?


You are fed up already? I assume you had more bumps in the road selling your art online then a simple photo getting taken down. Have faith and be as determined and hopeful as you are on other sites and you will be fine. simply contact Customer Support they will help you:) and its not $5 its $4:)


Try adding multiple example pictures in the same style. This might help prove it’s your images.



They are not accepting my images now. It’s a square image, but they won’t accept part of the image across the rectangle (682 pixels wide and 459.) They won’t accept the whole square image in the centre of the rectangle image with a black background filling the blank space. The web form itself rejects the square image in the middle of a the blank (white) rectangle. So I don’t know what to do basically. There doesn’t seem to be any way to SHOW a square artwork. No point really … especially as my image is clear, bright, funky - there are some other artists offering PDFs of images too with blurred pictures, only half showing, the whole image not in the shot. Really frustrating. It’s like being picked out.


A way I’ve found to cope with this is to make your square image smaller. If you click on my page and go to my QR Code gig, I faced the same problem. What I did is I made my image smaller, and then added a blue rectangle (682x459) around it. You don’t have to make it that small, but you get the idea. Hope I helped.



Have you tried to alert our customer support team ? You can reach them here:

Let one of the CS team know and they should help you out.




Yes might give it one last try. 24 hours to get one ‘gig’ accepted on the site. It all seems such a faff to be honest. sigh. :frowning:


Don’t give up, it’s worth it, I promise !


this shows how good of an artist you are, lol. contact the support team and tell them about the problem you are having, or just change the file and sign the drawing maybe?


Don’t give up yet–it’s too soon!

Think of getting your gig up and running as building a foundation, that can led to long-term income.

Any thing new takes time and patience, and for me its worth it.

Best of Luck!


Just tried again - using the exact number of pixels (again). I’ll see what happens. Customer support never got back to me regarding the image issues, so I’m on my own. I’m starting to look like a right whiner, but I’ve never known anything like this … there’s also nowhere to put your Paypal address for payment in and my profile is flagged as incomplete all the time. I have filled my profile in … I just don’t know what to do. Maybe bin the account and start again - sigh. I don’t have time for all this. Thanks for your help and advice Guys, anyway.