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Fed up buyer from rubbish sellers!

Well I’ve been trying to use Fiverr for the last year, and I’m totally fed up with muppets who think they can design photo booth templates, out of at least 12 sellers I’ve only had one that did a good job, but even they turned up too late for me to use!

In most cases I’ve had to almost design them myself, my question to myself then was why am I paying idiots to disgn rubbish, I could do better myself, now I do my own and to be fair I do a much better job than all those buyers I’ve used over the last 12 months.

I’m also Feb up of having to pay for the gig before I see the job, when I see the job most of the time it looks like it’s been made by a child! You should pay for the gig once you’ve seen it! Seller always gets funny with you if you say you don’t like it and it’s not good enough to send to your client, and don’t get me started on tips, how dare fiverr try and make you pay a tip on top!

So now I’ve decided fiverr can stick their site where the sun doesn’t shine and the seller can join them!

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It sounds as if Fiverr isn’t for you. Good luck! :sunny:


Surprising, you sound like an absolute delight to work with.


I KNOW! id love to work with him!

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He must take you for a muppet.

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Bye bye, don’t come back! :smiley:


Since there are two sides to the story I can’t really say what the sellers you worked with would say about this, but it sounds like you have a good understanding of design.
Maybe you can try setting up your own gig?

Oh never mind, it seems like he’s left Fiverr.
Good luck to him…


To get 12 bad orders from 12 sellers, I’m guessing you failed to look at the sellers portfolios before you made your purchase?


When I was new to fiverr my first purchase was a $5 gig from a top rated seller.

When I got the gig back, needless to say it looked very amateurish and I quite frankly could have done that myself.

But then I stopped to think… I only paid 5 DOLLARS.

Now I know sellers set their own price and they shouldn’t be delivering lower quality based on that. but she gave me a 5 dollar job. so i rated her 5 stars for delivering as described.

But I just took personal responsibility and vowed to never purchase a gig similar to that one and only really pay 5 dollars for a 5 dollar job. That way, if it doesn’t even add up to a 5 dollar job, you’d REALLY have a case.


Exactly this. Look, I might be able to do a video that looks like it cost 1000$. But you know how much it will cost? At least 500$. I can also, however, deliver a video for 5$. Guess what’s that going to look like? Exactly, a 5-10$ video.

If you sell design services for 5$, that doesn’t mean you are a bad designer / artist. It means you can deliver cheap products, and they can be very good for the price. But that’s it - good for the price. A 5 dollar logo will not win any design awards, but it might just be enough for the buyer. Same with any other service.

Now, if you are looking for top quality, why are you even buying 5$ gigs anyway? High end design / video production / marketing campaigns / etc. costs THOUSANDS of dollars. I think that, for the average buyer, there’s a sweet spot in terms of price / quality right around 100-200$, depending on the type of work. But there are people who will be happy with way cheaper options… and people who absolutely need the best (in which case they should go to an established creative agency or similar).

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Exactly. If you’re paying $5, the seller should have no obligation to spend anything more than an hour on it. If they wanted to make $4 an hour they would just go get at mcdonalds… and make more than that.

Not to say that low quality work is acceptable, but you get what you pay for.

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It possibly has been.