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Fed up of Buyers asking me to edit legal documents

Ok so I’m ranting because this is the second person today to ask me to edit a legal document.
At least they messaged before making a purchase so I can refuse - but what’s happening?
Do they really think we are willing to commit fraud for a fiver? or risk fraud for anything?
From insurance documents to council debts - Please can Fiverr make it clear that fraud is unacceptable.
If someone makes a purchase and we can’t do the job we risk being penalised.
Anyone else dealing with this?


Legal work for legal writers.
What kind of documents he want to edit?

I’m a photo editor so they want to edit legal documents for illegal purposes. Changing dates on legal documents . I don’t suggest you do this unless you want to go to prison.


From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: " Fraud / Unlawful Use - You may not use Fiverr for any unlawful purposes or to conduct illegal activities."


Yes, I’m fed up with those too, for whatever reason, they seem to come in waves, which makes it more annoying than if it was just once every few weeks.

Thankfully, most wannabe frauds message first, so you can report and carry on, but just today, I got one who went on and ordered anyway, something that’s violating Fiverr’s and a 3rd party’s ToS, apart from not having to do with anything offered iny gig even remotely.

I sent a ticket to CS to cancel this order for me, and since that buyer also picked the only one of my gigs, totally irrelevant to their request, that has 1-day delivery, I now have to hope that CS will cancel the order on time so that “only” my completion rate will drop and not my “delivered on time” rate as well. For not doing an order that’s clearly fraud.
And this was a “Top Buyer” with a 2014 account.

That Fiverr keeps penalizing sellers for not doing orders that are against their ToS/illegal, does undermine these high moral grounds quite a bit.
If you penalize someone for doing the right thing, which you expect from them, that’s sending out very mixed signals.


I tried to contact Fiverr CS for my stupid cancellation rate, due entirely (minus one) to students wanting me to do their papers for them. Ten of them in one month. Even when I expressly say that I don’t do it. (Not only is it against TOS, but is looks like a lot of work, lol). And I have received zilch in reply from CS, which, I’m afraid, is now all I ever expect to hear from them.

The best you can do is to clearly state that you do not edit legal documents both in your profile, and on your gigs.


That’s a good idea - stating that you don’t edit legal documents - and if Fiverr doesn’t penalise sellers for following their own rules - that’s the way forward.