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Fed up with a seller. Fiverr needs instant customer service department for cancellation order

I have order a gig from this username: fragglesrock

As a buyer a requested to give original Themeforest original download link but the seller give me nulled theme. I requested 2 times to cancel the order by mutual request but seller did not accept cancellation. And the seller also threat me. I am very fed up Fiverr has no instant customer service department so that they can instant legal action against the seller.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks

Sorry you are upset. I DO understand how you feel and I think it sucks. On the other hand, if you are patient and professional (and polite) you’ll get your money back. It’s not like this problem is just Fiverr. I just found out I have to wait 14 days for a service call from my ISP. I know - not your problem - but many companies no longer have instant anything. Especially when you buy stuff cheap.

How do you expect to get an original Theme for $5. Why not buy it from Themeforest instead of looking for someting cheap on fiverr.

You actually got what you paid for.

Don’t contribute to piracy. If you were in such a need for that Themeforest theme then why resort to shady means? You should have bought the theme direct from Themeforest’s website.

Reply to @nueljosh: I was about to say the same thing.

Reply to @nueljosh: may be buyer thought that seller have membership with themforest