Fed up with Fiverr "glitch"!


I have posted this as a problem before and was told “we have been working on it for 10 hours already” well, the problem is STILL happening, and many times since.
The problem is that when I go to check my messages using my iph 5, I get a blank screen saying I have “no messages” but there is actually many! Then maybe hours or days later, all my mail is. Ack again!
It is a real pain as it means I can’t do ANY Fiverr work while this is happening.
Why can’t it be fixed Fiverr???


Hey @happy_homes666 that particular bug appeared about 6-7 versions back on iOS and is very persistent.

Have you reported the bug to CS? If so, all you have to do is wait and just close the app and open it again. That’s the only way to gain access to your inbox when this happens.


This is very old bug in iOS. Simply whenever you face this situation, just refresh the inbox by taping in the inbox and everything appears. Thats what I do. :slight_smile: