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Fed up without any buyers

i have expend 3 around 4 months in fiverr… have got lot of inspirations,views for my gigs. but i haven’t get 1 or more buyer for it. also i haven’t get my fiverr card yet.

what’s the problem for this and what can i do??

Hello & welcome to Fiverr~

Did you do any research to see how much competition you’d have for your gigs? Offhand, there seems to be hundreds, maybe thousands, of other gigs just like yours, and the unfortunate reality is that buyers tend to go to sellers who are established and with good reputations. You have to offer a truly unique service on Fiverr these days. You also need to promote yourself among your own networks. If you can get a friend to buy a gig, that may be all you need to get other buyers to your gigs. Maybe you can find someone else who has been on Fiverr for awhile with no sales and each buy a gig from the other.

You could add more information in your gig descriptions explaining why your gigs are special (for example, on your photo retouch gig, explain what you can do to make your customer’s photos special: “I can erase blemishes, even-out skin tone, create a fresh healthy glow but do it in a subtle way that looks natural.”)

Did you look at any of the many, many informative posts written to help new members?

Here’s a good, overall post: There are many more on the Fiverr FAQ forum, too. Another good one:

As to your complaint that you haven’t gotten your Fiverr card yet: do you mean the Revenue Card? You will probably need to contact Customer Service about that if it has been more than 6 weeks. Links to CS are on bottom of every page on Fiverr.

hi ushantha1973, i agree with the above post and i also believe that promotion outside of fiverr is a great thing to look into. Try to drive some hard traffic directly to your gig. I did this when i signed up and i immediately got gigs within the same type of niche that your in. Another key is to try and microniche your gigs a little more to see if that will work. Ie - i will design a logo for your supplement company and create several of those. People love when you a service when they can say “That is exactly what i was looking for.” I’m new to fiverr but it has been a great experience. I hope this helps.

i have the same issue,its so hard to get noticed here on fiverr, been here over 6 weeks and am yet to have a single sale,so discouraging…


I have tried too much times to get sales on fiverr but it was very hard.Now i have made around 12 sales within 1 month.

What i have done?

I have looked what peoples order mostly.I saw that they need much of testimonials.Female`s have made more more sales.So i have maked one example of my testimonial and i have created a Gig.After this i have taken requests for this gig.

What i want to say that you need to look which gigs has more orders and to be there.Or second way is to create a unique GIG where you havent Competition.

Ladies and gents.

You can’t just jump onto Fiverr and expect sales. You need to work for it.

Look at it this way. It’s your own business. Yes, you sell through Fiverr but it’s your service/product your selling.

Do you really think buyers are just going to go to you? You need to work for it. You need to promote and advertise.

And I don’t mean advertise here, on the forum. This forum barely get’s any buyers on it. Most of it is from sellers.

You need to advertise your gig.

Friends. Family. E-Mail. Facebook. Twitter. Whatever you have to do.

Just like in real life. If you’re not going to work for it, it’s not going to come to you.