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Federico decision they locked my account after buying and they did not even get back my money and said to me i am not welcome anymore

like i said before "im lili330033 on fiverr u guys disabled my account cus of this want to know why i was making accounts cus i was having problems with purchasing gigs too i thought reason was from my account from here its not my problem its your problem

i have buy today and they locked my account after i buy it they fix my problem after i make open ticket to them and now its my account gone ? "

its not my problem if they have issues in the website he said i am not welcome anymore i did not break rules i was having issues they fix it after i buy the emotes then they close my account and i did not get any money back


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You don’t get a free pass to break the ToS.

We can’t help you and wouldn’t help someone who breaks the ToS if we could.


I think Fiverr messages saying sellers can get their money after 90 days if their account has been deactivated.

ie, they say:

If you have any available funds available for withdrawal 90 days from when your account was disabled, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to withdraw funds from your account. This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact customer support.

So you just need to wait 90 days I think and they should send an email to allow you withdraw your money (if you have money in your Fiverr account).

This has already been widely discussed in your previous topic.