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Fedup with a customer asking modifications everyday

I have a gig sold to a customer.
It was a creation of custom windows software.

I did everything as contracted and delivered, and then he started coming up with modifications and modifications.

I tried my best and provided modifications to him which were not even a part of the gig. I informed him clearly that I will not consider any such modifications in future orders.

He placed 2 more orders again and now again he is doing same. Orders are confirmed days ago but he has kept my reviews pending and keep asking for modifications every 2nd day.
After all this he had gave me 4 star for 1st order and has still kept the other 2 pending.

What shall I do in this situation.
He is behaving like with a $50 order I owe him a life long modifications.
I have already made around 7-8 modifications to each order, 80% are not the part of custom order.

Is there any way I can get it resolved.

I simply do not want him to be able to place any more order from me.

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First of all, does your gig mention that you offer Unlimited revision? Also, by activating 3 packages, you can clearly mention that for $5 I will only do this and this. For 10, I will do this and this. etc. You will need to tell your buyer that for every revision, you will have to pay this amount. He will understand.

It was a custom order, I have clearly mentioned every feature that we discussed in bullet points in offer description.

But he just asks to change this and that because he later thinks it should be better.
I have even offered to cancel order and take full refund while he has not accepted the job, he is not even ready for that.

Is there a way to not to allow any particular buyer to place order from me.

Because of this one particular buyer I had to increase my Gig’s base price from $5 to $25 so he won’t place any more orders for small modifications and again keep asking changes.

I have already messaged him politely to please use some other seller’s service from Fiverr, as I am not able to provide the quality of work that match with your expectations.

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