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Fee increased today

Now you have to pay $2,25



I did not see any announcement of this nor received memo. Changing fee without informing anyone?

Could this be real?



very real it seems


This still states $2.
If Fiverr intended to include this in the ToS update, they need to get it fixed FAST, or they could face legal issues.


Small services will completely lose their point, the seller is begging for 5, buyer pays 50% + on top of that, seller gets 4.

So from seller point money wise nothing change, but it will be a tough cookie to negotiate with client on 5$, get him to buy, only for him to discover he is actually paying 7,25$.

We should all raise our basic prices to 1000$, have no sales for a month and see the reaction of Fiverr.

You can change the fee as much as you want, but not like this, I am a buyer, no one informed me. And it should have come 30 days in advance so I can buy before the change.


I agree with you. $5 services are not longer $5, and Fiverr now ceases to be a fiver-based website.


5$ was not five the moment they added fee, and then was debacle of not refunding the fee after cancelled orders.

I am not against fee but I am against talking with client for x time agreeing on the price that he sees on my gig only for him to see the fee at the end and change his mind.

Changing or adding fee should not be something that you do under cover hoping no one will notice.


They’ve updated it now. It’s 5% of the purchase amount plus an additional small order fee of $2 for all purchases under $50.


why they add extra 0.25 $ ?

Because they’re now charging both the 5% and the $2 fee when the order price is <$50 (whereas they used to charge one or the other).

So for an order subtotal of $5, 5% of 5=0.25, plus the $2 as it’s < $50 so $7.25 total.

edit: they’ve also changed the “$40” bit to “purchases under $50…” (a few months ago it used to be “up to $40”.)


‘’ Service fees are added at the time of purchase where you can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover administrative fees. As of November 2020, the service fees are 5% of the purchase amount. For purchases under $50 an additional $2 small order fee will be applied. ‘’

It should be ok now

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Text is OK but the way of handling business is all wrong.

Who changes fee without notifications?

This impacts all people using platform.

We should at least receive message: Starting November 2020 fee will be increased bla bla bla We are making the advancements bla bla bla as a result of this you will have even greater experience using our site bla bla bla…

Not: *** same random guy on internet: Fiverr changed its fee! How do you know? I just paid and it is more then yesterday!***


Fiverr does. This isn’t the first time they did it.

Wait… I didn’t know buyers had an additional fee to pay! Sorry for my ignorance, I’ve never bought here on Fiverr.

So every time they purchase a service, Fiverr gets the fee + the 20% from the what we get??? Woah.

Yes. for bigger orders it is nothing but for 5$ orders it is crazy. You get 4 buyer pays 7,25$

Yes! It’s crazy and I think no fee should be added, since Fiverr already gets the 20% from what we get.

You think fee is crazy. Imagine the old days when you cancel order and you do not get fee back.

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Nickle and Dimerr strikes again. :roll_eyes: