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Fee increased today

Let’s be fair.

20% of every single order is a LOAD of money. From me alone, they made $7200 this year. From my partner, they’ve made that much as well. And we’re only two of their freelancers.

If they implemented some features, I’d agree that they need more money. A great one would be not dinging someone for a mutual cancellation. I used to have a job that was reasonably priced but it got abused, causing me to nearly lose my level two status because they asked for something I didn’t do (think asking me to translate French when I advertise Spanish only).

Yes, they have costs. But double dipping is rough. And the buyers who are using this for bulk are in a tough spot. If they don’t need 10 jobs a month, then they’re going to get dinged in a pretty major way.

So I see why people are unhappy. Additional fees need strong explanation and they need buy in. Stealth adding them doesn’t help. And who has to deal with the response? The sellers. Because honestly, they’re the face of Fiverr (otherwise, why would a new seller have a message on my screen stating to do them right to make sure they have a great experience?)

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Same here… I thought the buyer just paid face value and the sellers lost 20%

Yes and no. If you’re attracting truly professional buyers they don’t care about $2. They care about value. If they see value they aren’t going to opt out of it to save $2. They’re focused on a return on investment, not scraping pennies.

The buyers you’re referring to are unprofessional, cheap people who we shouldn’t want to work with anyway.

If $2 is enough to lower your sales, there are fundamental issues with who you are targeting and the goals you are supporting as well as insufficient demand for your offering. Fix that and then $2 won’t hurt you.

Also, professionals understand the costs of doing business. I see it as a blessing. This could weed out the cheap incompetent buyers who I don’t want to work with anyway.

It’s not always true. If we’re talking about one order, then yes, you’re 100% right. However, there are buyers who but lots of small stuff, and for them, the fees quickly add up and become a considerable expense.


Sheesh, dang, seriously?
And I suppose this fee applies to the tip as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW Fiverr has grown as a company over the years
and they have staffs they need to feed. Still.
This is gonna sound absolutely stupid but I’m just gonna go ahead and say it.
I wish Fiverr shrinks its size down a bit so it can go back to what it was 5 years ago.
No fee, just the 20%. :rofl: :sweat_smile:

That’s a lot because the majority of buyers caring about price not value.

What are the expenses that makes fiverr cut $2.25 upfront from buyer and then again 20% for all offers below $50? What rocket science upper end scientific calculations are their apps doing or what mega terabyte volume of storage are they hosting?

I think their expenses are huge anyway, consider all the data, all the transactions, all the info, all the text, audio, video and so on played at the same time by the customers. I think all of this needs a powerful data center.

All expenses of running a business aside. The Fiverr fee structure has become unethical. I have been a buyer on Fiverr for many years. My most recent two orders included a $50 tip and a $5 tip. The tips are suggested by Fiverr as a percentage of the gig cost. Paying a service fee on any tip is an absolute joke. Let’s remember the idea behind tipping. TIP - To Insure Prompt Service. A tip is not something that should have a service fee! Unfortunately for all my vendors on Fiverr I will be seriously considering NOT tipping. If you are selling on Fiverr make sure your Gig is EXACTLY what you want to make taking into account the terrible fee structure involved. I have been running a design and marketing company for 20 years and all my vendors get paid what they ask for. I don’t tip designers, developers, SEO specialists or any other service provider outside of Fiverr. I feel pressured to TIP based on the Fiverr system and workflow. The service fee has made up my mind. Either 1, I will just not look for vendors on Fiverr anymore or 2, I just won’t tip as I wouldn’t normally anyway. I would hate to not work with vendors on Fiverr but this has become an ethical concern that I will have to seriously consider. My thoughts go out to all hard-working, amazing Fiverr vendors! Good luck.