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Feed back to buyer

Hello, community,
From the last 2 projects, I did not get any feedback from buyer and even I am not able to post feedback to buyer.
any solution?


Yeah. It´s like that.

Normally 60-70% of buyers are leaving feedback. The rest not. That´s it.

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Hey brother,
I got to know the problem, this happens because seller don’t ask for feedback. I think we should always ask for the feedback. In that path you may get great feedback from the buyers. I hope that you have a understood something.

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Do not do this!

There have been many posts on the forum where sellers have complained about getting a warning because they asked about feedback.

You have got to read this: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said


Directly you cannot ask, you have to ask like this, in that way your buyer may think that you are showing your kindness towards the buyers.

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Do not mention the word feedback. Read the article I gave you above.


That what I was saying you my brother. you are not allow to use the word feedback. Use somethings different man.

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First of all stop calling everyone on here “brother”.

Secondly this is not a game of “Taboo” and as long as you avoid the key word you are good.

You are NOT to ask for the buyer to review your order in ANY way.


Tip: Suggest you do not address others as dear, man, brother, sister, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


It’s strictly restrict to to ask feedback from the buyer…


@himanshuraik464. Apparently you are not reading the article @lloydsolutions kindly provided for you. Here is what CS had to say about asking for reviews in ANY way. Read it and stop even hinting about getting a review. As @frank_d said this is not a game. You could get a warning or lose your account. :scream:


Some buyers don’t leave feedback. It their right. They’re not obliged to leave a review.

You can only post feedback for the buyer if they leave a review first.

Just let it go and focus on delivering awesome work.


I have understood I will not ask for feedback. Thank you, everyone :grinning: