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Feedback and rating [ARCHIVED]

If as a buyer I complete my gig with negative review and after one day I remove my review. Can I give a positive feedback after three days later?

This is how I instruct the buyer to revise their feedback:

"Here is how you find it:
Click on “My Buyer” in the black bar above to reveal a drop down box, and click on “My shopping”. Then find the order with the title "[title of your gig] and click on it to open the order up. Then scroll down to where you left feedback and click the small blue text that reads “revise/remove” and there you can revise your feedback. Thank you!! "

Be sure to get the buyer to do this ASAP, as I think there is only a small window of time where the buyer can do this themselves.

If that window of time has passed, you can always ask the buyer to contact Customer Support for assistance. - See more at:

Is there a way to leave a rating for a seller that stopped communicating with me because I basically asked them to let me know more specifically what I would be getting for the 75 charge to write a cover letter and edit a resume? I did ask if a template was going to be used and was told no, but I have seen advertisements to the contrary so I can’t be sure of it. I didn’t request a quick turn around, so I’m not sure why I was being charged so much? I suspect this person is fleecing people and having them pay for another adoption, unknowingly. This person has supposedly been featured on TV. In any case, I would like to know if a negative review is possible, or is there a way to report them?

Reply to @pamnh1: I don’t see how they can use a template, every resume is different, so every cover letter will highlight different things.

When I write LinkedIn summaries, all I want to know is if they want it in the 1st or 3rd person, then I do the rest.

Sellers also don’t appreciate a lot of back and forth. Just place an order, provide instructions, and let us do the job. Then you can demand modifications if you don’t like it.

A negative review is only possible if the job was delivered and you didn’t demand a cancellation, but if you got your money back, then a negative review isn’t possible. In fact, it would be abusive if it were possible. This is Fiverr, not Yelp. On Yelp anyone can badmouth anyone. Here, you got to pay to do it.