Feedback as a seller and buyer


Hi all. Newb here. I wanted to know if seller feedback and buyer feedback are configured as one? Isn’t it rather strange if we purchase from someone who happens to not even complete a delivery and review them on it then we have to face the backlash to our own rating? I am a seller but purchased a writer for a script. I intentionally chose someone who is newer like myself since I understand how difficult it can be gaining clientele. Well, I inboxed her when the gig said “very late” and she responds saying fiverr is experiencing issues and she can’t attach it. She said she would send it within the next few hours. Well in the space where the script is supposed to be attached she wrote me the message so it’s showing as delivered! What should I do now? I have a feeling this person isn’t who they say they are as well. Sigh…


Umm… I hope you are aware of the AMAZON AWS issue… :rolling_eyes:

Le Sigh


I didn’t see that! Thank you for alerting me. I’m hoping everything works out.


I’m just a bit confused why a buyer couldn’t simply type the actual script in the delivery VS adding the attachment? It’s only 200 words as long as the message she initially sent me.


Ask them to do that, perhaps they have not thought of it.


I did…no reply and she’s showing online. Not sure what to think…:unamused:


The online status bar is not worth going on, it often doesn’t show me online and then I get messages in the middle of the night from buyers who see “I’m online”.
Wait a couple of hours, perhaps message them with a deadline then make a decision after that. Check their local time too.


She’s supposedly a few hours behind me but I’ll hold tight…something is telling me something is quite off though.


Usually I’d say go with your gut instinct if you think something’s off, but it’s worth waiting a bit. She might have gone to do something else for a few hours as there were problems that weren’t being quickly resolved. you’ve nothing to lose by waiting for a short while anyway.


I don’t mind waiting but I find it unprofessional to write a response where the attachment should be and act as if it has been delivered. I would have personally cut and pasted the content and been done with the buyer just to cover my bases. Now it’s showing delivered she is free to take her own sweet time. If I have to cancel this order will this mean MY rating will be affected?


Since you’re the buyer in this case, no.


Thank you Gina! I’ve been paranoid whether I should proceed because I don’t want to be affected by this.


I think you should give her more time. There really was issues that prevented lots of sellers from delivering - including experienced ones.

Her being new and if this is her 1st order, she’s probably in panic overdrive. It’s possible she may not know how system works and delivered incorrectly.

You have 3 days to ask for revision. I recommend using that option 1st prior to cancelling.


Unfortunately I hit submit after I read your first response :open_mouth:. I did message her several times with no response (she’s a few hours behind me according to her profile). I suppose my issue with all of this was that fact she wrote in where the attachment should have been marking it as delivered. This would have been her 5th order (as new as I am) according to her profile. I truly wanted to help out new talent being one myself but marking it delivered when I have nothing doesn’t sit well with me. Is this common practice on Fiverr?


No, it is not a common practice. That has only happened to me twice - that I can remember - out of over 120 deliveries.

I think it’s great that you are giving newbie a chance.


It happens occasionally, if we arrange it beforehand I don’t mind, especially if I have bought from them before, but it is important to have an agreed deadline at that point.
It is in fact against the ToS to do that though so the seller needs to learn not to do that because doing it to the wrong person could have dire consequences if they are reported.


I appreciate the insight! There’s so much amazing talent on here. I could blow any money :moneybag: I make on here back into the community. :slight_smile:


This makes sense since you have a history and open lines of communication. If my seller approached me that way I would not be concerned. 6 hours later mine has yet to respond. :frowning: I suppose my gut was right. I look forward to finding the right person though. :slight_smile:


It :slight_smile: always :slight_smile: worries :slight_smile: me :slight_smile: when :slight_smile: the :slight_smile: faces :slight_smile: come :slight_smile: out :slight_smile:

Relax, whack the mod button. Fiverr is broken because it uses Amazon servers, which 31% of the internet does. Just give it some time :slight_smile:

Please don’t ever order from me on a system like this :slight_smile:

EDIT: I think it’s fixed now–but like I’m going to check work before my first tea :slight_smile: you need to calm down :slight_smile:


I assure you…

Hope your tea is kicking in.