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Feedback change request system


If a client wrongly put a feedback below 5 then if we request to change it, then fiverr is not happy. But here is my question, we are providing a service. In a service everything got perfect , even client gives tips and also new tasks. Still his misjudgement if not going to be changed though he personally wish to change that. Then our business ruins. Don’t I get a single chance to consult with them with project problem and fix it via communication ? Why we see barrier there ?

Please at least don’t keep any barrier with client communication or make any change with them. Because our task to make them happy at any cost.

So, pleaese remove the barrier on feedback change request. We are sellers and we must make happy our clients at any cost.So we need a free chance to make their misjudgement to a right judgement with our consultation. If he doesn’t wish to change , then no problem. But if he wish to change then make sure it is very easy for both of us.


Your message seems like a spam , yes fiverr should take actions to such spammers who does this. But I think in every project there must need to keep a chance with consult with client so that we can perfectly make them happy with a 5 star service.


You can request a review change one time using the resolution button.


Thank you for your comment. But problem is fiverr doesn’t love it. Actually fiverr put this system to save it’s sellers like us. Then if we can resolve that issue with any buyer why fiverr shows like message your resolution can be limited.

Beause I am selling products, so I need at least full advantage to happy my client and get a nice feedback from him and also if he makes a wrong so that discuss that with him and solve it. If he doesn’t wish to solve then no question about it, but if he wish to why fiverr doesn’t love it :frowning: