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Feedback change


Hi everyone …
i am here to ask you guys that IS THERE ANY WAY TO CHANGE BUYER FEEDBACK REVIEW if he /she mistakenly left … share your past experience …



Fiverr has made it impossible to change reviews. Even so much as asking Fiverr’s customer service about it can affect your account negatively (ToS warning).

Therefore, I’d just accept whatever review I have received. EVEN if the buyer says they want to change the review… or EVEN if I think the review was a mistake/unfair… I’d still move on. :slight_smile:


how it will effect …??? BUT it will also effect your sales…
thanks @hanshuber16 for your quick response .


There have been several posts on the forum where sellers have said that they’ve received ToS warnings after they contacted CS saying their buyer wanted to change the review.

I also remember reading this one post where the buyer had contacted CS directly (saying they’d misclicked/posted the wrong review by mistake), and the seller received a ToS warning for no fault of theirs.


bundle of thanks,