Feedback Counts - Good or Bad


You say the words “Thumbs Down” and it will send a shiver down the spine of any self-respecting Fiverr seller.

Feedback counts, for better or worse, and sellers appreciate good feedback for a job done. Every feedback received counts towards the gig total and affects the overall score on the sellers profile. If you were happy with your order, please DO leave good feedback stating this so other buyers will know about your experience and the seller will know they did a good job.

I’ve had over 3,000 COMPLETED transactions on fiverr but my feedback doesn’t reflect that because many buyers do not leave feedback. This can actually hurt a sellers reputation by making them appear less experienced than they are.

In short – their track record doesn’t display an accurate representation of what they’ve done.


Tell the world by leaving a THUMBS-UP review on the order page.


Please do the following, FIRST, before leaving a THUMBS-DOWN.

Contact the seller via a direct message either to their fiverr inbox, or on the order page (if it’s still open) telling them EXACTLY why you are unhappy and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) what they can do to MAKE YOU HAPPY.

If you don’t tell us what we did wrong, chances are we won’t know. We try hard to make buyers happy but we aren’t mind-readers. Your constructive feedback and/or criticism is vital to getting your order correct.

OR, if the seller is at fault – they are unresponsive, rude, unreliable, not listening, etc. then you should execute your RIGHT to leave a negative mark telling other buyers CONSTRUCTIVELY why the seller failed to deliver as promised.

Please do this only AFTER contacting the seller to tell them you are unhappy and requesting a resolution.

NOTE: Remarks such as “This seller’s a jerk!” and “Bad seller! Never ordering from them again!” do not tell other buyers much (if anything) about what happened or why the seller disappointed you.


Be truthful in your feedback. Resist the urge to leave hateful and rude comments. It’s unprofessional. Period.



Excellent post, thank you for saying what many Sellers would like to convey to our Buyers. I have only received a couple of pieces of negative feedback in the hundreds of feedbacks I have received. In both cases, it was a simple misunderstanding that I was quickly able to remedy and go on to delight the Buyer. Unfortunately, the Buyer cannot “take back” their feedback.

I agree - if you have a less than stellar experience, please allow time for the Seller to respond and correct the issue. Good sellers will quickly respond and correct anything that is amiss.


I can get paranoid about that thumbs up and down maneuver, I always stay in communication with my buyer as a measure of CMA. Excellent post and tip


So far I’ve managed to maintain the 100% positive feedback. But the thought of getting a negative feedback still scares the hell out of me @-)



I haven’t got any Negative Feedback for my Super Gigs, But I’ve had to cancel some orders due to breakdown of my computer, So my ratings jumped to 93% directly, But I have all the Feedbacks Positive.

And some people don’t leave any feedbacks for sellers, I suggest Fiverr Developers to add Thumbs Up feedback for all those automatically completing orders. Because If the buyer has something wrong in the delivered Order, He would definitely post a Negative Feedback, So If he doesn’t leave any feedback, that means delivery is fine.

Please consider this.

Thank You!

Shyam - SEO Guy,


You’re right about that. I have had quite a number of orders, but my profile only shows about 60 or 70 cos most people do not leave feedback.


Reply to @yankee77:

I know what you mean about people not leaving feedback; around 70% of the buyers of my gigs leave feedback which isn’t bad, but it’d be nice if more people bothered.

When I complete gigs I normally include “Please remember to complete and rate transactions.” at the end, which seems to have improved the amount of people leaving feedback a little.


I Think that a good feature would be like that if after 5-7 days if buyer doesnt leave feedback then it can add automatically positive for us.

I think this would be the best for sellers here.


Reply to @sk8tavou: Ha ha agreed with that! really it’s an a grate idea! i think fiverr team will make it soon ! :wink:


Reply to @scorpiondark: I agree there should be something to show as I have sold over 3,000 gigs and I only have about 2,000 feedbacks. I know that’s a lot, still - but it would be more if more people actually left feedback for me.


Reply to @scrapebox_: I think the worst part is that buyers approve it and tell you it’s great, etc etc, but then they don’t leave good feedback.

graphixgoddess said: I think the worst part is that buyers approve it and tell you it's great, etc etc, but then they don't leave good feedback.

With my family tree gig the buyer has the choice to order Extras which can include all records, photos, documents etc.... these types of gigs take much longer and I am so happy when I provide such a gig to a client. They say thank you and leave no feedback


Great post!


When they order logo gig, they give instructions well, but they will tell you to do 1000 changes, like they pay to you 100$ not 5$…


Reply to @scorpiondark:

That would be awesome… Today all users can rate even after a year. That’s a nightmare for buyers. I have a friend that received 2 negative feedbacks for 2 orders that were completed over 1 year ago. Why would anyone leave a feedback after 1 year ?


Reply to @maxteridon: I offer a logo gig and if a buyer wants revisions,I offer one free revison . I mentioned that clearly in the description of the gig . Of course… there are people that threaten with negative feedbacks in case that you are telling them to read the description :slight_smile:

It would be really cool if feedbacks for buyers would count just as much as they do for sellers. Or at least it would be nice to see some kind of badge for a buyer ( It was discussed yesterday here on the forum ) Something with ‘‘trusted buyer’’ os similar. But when you think about it … a buyer can always give you a negative feedback if he wants to. Even though you can contact support to cancel the order,the buyer can create a new account in 30 seconds. You can’t tell if it’s a previous customer or not and that can be a big problem for good rated sellers.


The thing is, more or less the buyers leave negative feedback to catch the attention of the seller. The it’s only up to the seller how to work out to have the negative feedback rescinded by the buyer.


Reply to @scorpiondark: I don’t like to leave negative feedback. I never have yet. I always try and alot more time so the seller can do their best. A poor result is of no use to either of us.

Every now and again I really just wonder if the person just didn’t understand, or they believe that they are a great artist or acter or editor… Then I leave nothing because no one wants to read he or she tried their best. Who wants to pay for a try?


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I don’t mind paying for a great job, and I’d gladly pay more for someone who knocked it out of the park. It’s nice that you offer your buyer that choice :slight_smile: In my opinion if it’s worth a sincere thank you, it’s worth great feedback. Thank you can also be a polite brush off…as in thank you for trying.


This is soo important to try and work things out with the seller before leaving negative feedback.

I honestly dont understand the people who wont do this :confused: